Why telematics is important for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is well-known for high-value assets and is, therefore, an easy target for any would-be thief. A lot of tools are required on projects and looking for them is both time-consuming and inefficient. No matter the brand of your machines or tools, ABAX can help you track and monitor all company assets of all brands and sizes.

Tool theft is on the rise

Looking for missing company assets is time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Our customers say that they spend 38 hours annually looking for tools, and the cost of replacing tools is massive.

  • Track your smallest tools with Bluetooth tracking 
  • Track bigger assets with GPS  
  • Total inventory overview 
  • Always access from your phone 
  • Less calls within the team  looking for assets
  • The drivers can search for assets with their phone

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Frequent tool theft

The construction business is a lucrative target for criminals and thieves. The cost of reported theft and vandalism in the UK alone was at least £800 million, meaning that there is a lot of money and frustration to be saved.

Increase plant security with telematics: 

  • Geofence to control assets going out of an area 
  • GPS an Bluetooth tracking getting position on all valuable data 
  • Find my assets function
  • Easy access from your phone 

Lack of maintenance leading to expensive downtime 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the necessary maintenance and upcoming services ahead of time? Either you do maintenance to soon or neglect it, the lack of scheduling is a big cost. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a report covering all company assets?

  • Plan maintenance for machines spread geographically to become more efficient 
  • Improve logistics 
  • Validate the warranty 
  • Choose warning based on operating hours or dates 

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Harsh driving within your fleet

Are you on top of how your fleet are behaving on the road? The Driving Behaviour solution will help you monitor average score among all drivers and events within the map per driver. The driver will get tips on how to improve their driving skills and the administrator will get the full overview. 

  • Decrease maintenance and fuel cost with Driving Behaviour 
  • See traffic events within the map 
  • Identify drivers historically and live with DriverID 
  • Lower your maintenance cost

High idling cost

Both machines and vans in the construction do a lot of idling which wastes fuel. You can utlise getting reports on company idling hours both on machine and vehicles is a great base for talking to you employees o the actual figures  it makes.  

  • Identify the driver idling 
  • The driver will get tips on how to improve their idling score in the app 
  • Get total CO2 emission overview and report within your company 
  • Get the actual idling cost as a widget in your interface 
  • The environmental report will give detailed CO2 emitted  
  • Use sustainability as a benefit in the market

The drivers swap vehicles

Managing big construction projects always involves a fleet of cars. Sometimes the employees swap vans to get access to tools they carry, but do you know who’s behind the wheel at any time? 

  • Driver ID will identify the driver at all times
  • Know which driver got the parking ticket
  • Balance utilisation between vehicles in the fleet
  • Be notified of driving incidents in real-time and find details on the map
  • Access usage data per vehicle easily

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We decided to use ABAX they were a local company and our previous supplier wasn't doing the job we required. ABAX's service is excellent.

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