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Get control over plant, machinery and tools with ABAX

We understand the challenges faced by construction businesses. With tight deadlines, tight margins and high expectations to be met – it’s crucial that construction firms have full control and full visibility over their operations and assets. Not only does this enable construction businesses to increase efficiency, optimise their operations and properly utilise equipment – it also allows them to become more productive and profitable

Our customers say that they spend 38 hours annually looking for tools, and the cost of replacing tools is massive. Increase productivity with accurate location data, accessible from your smart phone.

From theft prevention and equipment recovery, to removing the need for wasted time spent looking for lost or misplaced items No matter the brand of your machines or tools, ABAX can help you track and monitor all company assets of all brands and sizes.

Products that suit your needs

We have developed our telematics solutions to meet the unique needs of construction businesses. Products with extended battery life, 60-second refresh rate on real-time data, predictive maintenance, anti-tamper protection and customised geofencing offer peace of mind.

Whether you want to track expensive assets and vehicles, enhance job planning through usage reports, better monitor fuel bills and payroll or easily locate lost tools – our data can help.

We are trusted by local family-run businesses through to national and international corporations to track and monitor the location and working hours of expensive construction machinery and tools.

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Solutions for tool tracking

Our tool tracking hardware, the ABAX MINI is small and discreet, but offers the same capability when tracking power tools and mobile assets with a battery life of up to 6 years.

Easy to install and providing 24/7 live location data, the ABAX MINI offers peace of mind when it comes to theft prevention and recovery, while reducing time wasted looking for tools in busy yards and job sites. Learn more here: Tool tracking.

Solutions for plant and machinery tracking

Expensive plant equipment is at the core of many construction businesses – and for this reason, it’s vital that it is monitored using accurate, future-proof technology.

With live positional updates every 60 seconds, customisable geofences and usage reports, you can be sure that you have complete visibility over every piece of plant equipment in your fleet.

Learn more here: Plant tracking

Tool and equipment theft is on the rise

Small yet powerful tracking devices.

The average cost of theft and vandalism to the construction industry in the UK alone is around £800 million; known for its high-value assets, it’s not surprising that businesses find themselves easy targets for thieves.

Regardless of what you want to track – we have a solution. Construction relies on maximising output, so it’s vital you choose a system that can offer you visibility into the various facets of your business – from your smartphone or desktop device.

Increase plant security with telematics:

  • Geofence to control assets going out of an area 
  • GPS an Bluetooth tracking getting position on all valuable data 

How does GPS tracking work?

Global positioning systems and GPS enabled telematics have proven to be essential for construction businesses. Being able to have a one-pane view of the location of equipment, assets and vehicles across multiple job sites vastly improves the ability to keep projects on track and on budget – eliminating the need to chase communication with site foremen.

GPS tracking devices interact with navigation satellites that transmit signals to earth. This interaction provides real-time location data, accurate to within 100 feet – without the need for an internet connection.

When this data connects to the ABAX cloud, it gathers and analyses further intelligence such as usage, voltage, vehicle idling and driver behaviour – maximising output.

Harsh driving within your fleet

Are you on top of how your fleet are behaving on the road? The Driving Behaviour solution will help you monitor average score among all drivers and events within the map per driver. The driver will get tips on how to improve their driving skills and the administrator will get the full overview. 

  • Decrease maintenance and fuel cost with Driving Behaviour 
  • See traffic events within the map 
  • Identify drivers historically and live with DriverID 
  • Lower your maintenance cost

High idling cost

Both machines and vans in the construction do a lot of idling which wastes fuel. You can utlise getting reports on company idling hours both on machine and vehicles is a great base for talking to you employees o the actual figures it makes.  

  • Identify the driver idling 
  • The driver will get tips on how to improve their idling score in the app 
  • Get total CO2 emission overview and report within your company 
  • Get the actual idling cost as a widget in your interface 
  • The environmental report will give detailed CO2 emitted  
  • Use sustainability as a benefit in the market

Read more about how ABAX is measuring idling

The drivers swap vehicles

Managing big construction projects always involves a fleet of cars. Sometimes the employees swap vans to get access to tools they carry, but do you know who’s behind the wheel at any time? 

  • Driver ID will identify the driver at all times
  • Know which driver got the parking ticket
  • Balance utilisation between vehicles in the fleet
  • Be notified of driving incidents in real-time and find details on the map
  • Access usage data per vehicle easily

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We decided to use ABAX they were a local company and our previous supplier wasn't doing the job we required. ABAX's service is excellent.

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