Construction equipment tracking and mixed fleet management

ABAX helps you with tracking, location and usage monitoring of all your company's vehicles and mixed assets, regardless of size or type. Our telematic solutions help you reduce risk, improve efficiency and spent less time on admin, and cut costs like fuel, insurance and lost equipment replacement.


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3 key benefits of Telematics within construction

Discover what telematics is and how it helps construction and trade businesses that operate fleets, machinery, and tools.


We understand the challenges faced by construction businesses.

With tight deadlines, tight margins and high expectations to be met – it’s crucial that construction firms have full control and full visibility over their operations and assets. Not only does this enable construction businesses to increase efficiency, optimise their operations and properly utilise equipment – it also allows them to become more productive and profitable.

From theft prevention and equipment recovery, to removing the need for wasted time spent looking for lost or misplaced items… we can help your business become more profitable, efficient and successful in 2022.

Construction businesses say that they spend 38 hours annually looking for tools, and the cost of replacing tools is massive. A survey by the Chartered Institute of Building reported that 92% of construction companies claimed they are directly affected by petty crime and 21% revealing that their sites are robbed on a weekly basis. In 2020 the total cost of theft and vandalism totalled £800 million with an average 20,000 cases of tool theft from vans reported to police each year.

No matter the brand of your machines or tools, ABAX can help you track and monitor all company assets of all brands and sizes.

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theft warning

Theft prevention in the construction industry

Tool and equipment theft is on the rise

The average cost of theft and vandalism to the construction industry in the UK is around £800 million and growing. Regardless of what you want to track – we have a solution.

Replacement tools and equipment cost the industry £15 million a year, while predictions show that the average builder will experience the loss of £10,000-worth of tools in their lifetime.

Our tool tracking hardware, the ABAX MINI, is small and discreet, but offers the same capability when tracking power tools and mobile assets with a battery life of up to 6 years. Easy to install and providing 24/7 live location data, the ABAX MINI offers peace of mind when it comes to theft prevention and recovery, while reducing time wasted looking for tools in busy yards and job sites.

The system is reliable, easy to use and has been backed up by excellent service. Since having the trackers on our vehicles and plant, productivity has increased by 33% and a stolen van was recovered within 2 hours of being reported stolen!

- JMC Construction Ltd

Maintenance and service in the construction industry

Lack of maintenance can result in costly downtime for operationally critical equipment

Expensive plant equipment is at the core of many construction businesses – and for this reason, it’s vital that it is monitored using accurate, future-proof technology.

With live positional updates every 60 seconds, customisable geofences and usage reports, you can be sure that you have complete visibility over every piece of plant equipment in your fleet.

It is difficult to keep track of maintenance and service intervals based on time and motion. Both too frequent, forgotten or delayed maintenance can lead to unnecessary costs and in some cases, a serious safety risk.

  • Schedule maintenance reminders
  • Get usage logs for plant and machines sent directly to you
  • Know where all your valuable machines are at all times
  • Calculate service and maintenance based on actual usage, not just running time
construction equipment maintenance and automated reports

ABAX allows us to use the system to schedule our servicing plans - each Gennie requires a service every 500 hours. We track the vehicles and delivery times, so can let customers know ETAs. The system allows you to be efficient as a company. The Live Map is instant and the system is very user friendly.

- Project Power Ltd

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monitor driver behaviour to save fuel costs

Driving behavior in the construction industry

Detect and correct bad driving behaviour amongst your employees

Your drivers are the face of your business, are you on top of how your fleet are behaving on the road? For businesses in construction, reputation and brand are very important. Get control of your car fleet with ABAX Driving Behavior and Driver ID.

The Driving Behaviour solution will help you monitor average score among all drivers and events within the map per driver. The driver will get tips on how to improve their driving skills and the administrator will get the full overview. 

  • See traffic events within the map and notify your drivers
  • Get in control of your total fleet risk
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs

The system is ABAX allows us to check a vehicle at any given time, we make sure the hours are correct with the manual hours that are logged in case of any discrepancies, we use speeding alerts to warn the drivers about their driving behavior.

- RC Finishing Ltd

Environmental compliance for construction industry

Idling costs your business more than you think

Both machines and vans in the construction do a lot of idling which wastes fuel. You can utlise getting reports on company idling hours both on machines and vehicles - giving you a a great base for talking to you employees about the actual costs of idling.  

construction emissions reporting SECR

ABAX helps us monitor where our 7 teams are, who's nearest when new jobs come in. We use the fuel report to check our fuel costs with mileage, we are now starting to use the reminders for MOTs and services. The ABAX portal is simple to use and gives us great peace of mind.

- WEBB Building & Civil Engineering

driver ID when multiple employees share vehicles

Vehicle sharing in the construction industry

Stop the reporting chaos when drivers swap vehicles for different jobs

Operation and management of projects often involve several cars or vans that the employees share. Some of the vehicles might be used more often than others because they are parked close by or already have the equipment and machines loaded in the back. Do you have an overview of who is driving what vehicle right now?

  • Driver ID will identify the driver at all times
  • Know which driver got the parking ticket
  • Balance utilisation between vehicles in the fleet
  • Access usage data per vehicle and per driver
  • See which drivers are available and the closest to the next job
  • Send messages in the app to one or more drivers

ABAX are used to verify timesheets and to make sure the employees are on the right sites, and to check that vehicles are not being used excessively outside of work hours. Financially it's helped me hugely to avoid vehicles misuse and to make sure the wages are paid correctly and for work that’s actually been done.

- DGK Construction Ltd

Watch McCanns customer case study

The ABAX system has helped us to become more efficient with less time spent manually locating the team, plant, vehicles and tools, such as Stihl saws, which are worth £500 each but have been often left behind on sites. We also quickly recovered stolen equipment worth £25,000.

- J McCann's Construction

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We have developed our telematics solutions to meet the unique needs of construction businesses. Products with extended battery life, 60-second refresh rate on real-time data, predictive maintenance, anti-tamper protection and customised geofencing offer peace of mind.

Whether you want to track expensive assets and vehicles, enhance job planning through usage reports, better monitor fuel bills and payroll or easily locate lost tools – our data and solutions can help.

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