Boss Cabins use vehicle tracking solution to keep valuable assets secure

Providing customers with real-time updates while protecting their high value purchases are among the many benefits being enjoyed by Bourne-based Boss Cabins.

Welfare cabin manufacturer uses vehicle tracking solution to keep valuable assets secure

Connecting locally with ABAX, the welfare cabin manufacturers are using telematics software to increase time efficiency and delivery management, improve driver behaviour and enhance the customer experience.

One of the business’ newest and popular products is the Deep Green solar-powered cabin, a ‘game changer’ says Boss Cabins, which helps to meet the company’s own green credentials.

In moves to offer the best possible service around delivery of this and its other suite of products AND improve its fleet management, the company uses vehicle tracking on all its vans and company cars. The team can use real-time vehicle tracking software to locate vehicles, drivers and engineers and give customers accurate ETAs. 

And with a number of E-vehicles having recently been added to the fleet, ABAX’s easy to install and monitor telematics solutions also provide an extra layer of security – helping to reduce insurance premiums and protect not only the company’s valuable assets, but customers’ high value items.

Security has been further boosted by the ABAX Geofence. A Geofence can act like an invisible trip wire. If assets leave their designated area, the customer is immediately notified and prompted to start tracking the vehicle, lorry, trailer and its contents.

Finally, with monitoring Driver Behaviour and using Driver ID solution for individual drivers who can swap between vehicles, fleet managers are able to pinpoint any training needs and address issues such as speeding fines with the right employees.

"The system is simple to use. We can log on and give our customers accurate delivery times and check the location of our drivers and service engineers without having to contact them whilst they are on the road, which has really helped our business."

“The onboarding from ABAX was great. The trackers are easy to install, the software is really user-friendly, and the team were super helpful.”

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