Customer satisfaction is key for this family roofing company

As one of the biggest companies of its kind in Nottingham, family-run Wrights Roofing Ltd places huge importance on customer experience and satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is key for this family roofing company

Around 80% of the company’s work comes from housing association and local authority refurbishment projects. It also carries out heritage work; retiling or re-slating historic and listed buildings.

The company uses ABAX to provide invaluable tracking information on its vehicles, its materials and assets – ensuring excellent customer communication, punctuality and great service delivery.

“From a couple of clicks on a computer app we know where the lads are, when they will arrive at their next destination and how long before they get back to the yard – so that we can get the next delivery picked and ready to go out. It’s not used as a tool to micromanage staff, it is used to help us with customer service – we can let the customer know when the lads will be at the job.”


As well as vehicle tracking, the company uses the ABAX MINI2 to track the whereabouts of its specialist roof tile/slate conveyor belt that helps to lift materials up to roof level. The plant often moved from one site to another so the business can now be sure they know exactly where all plant and most valuable tools are.

“Using the ABAX MINI allows us on a day-to-day basis to know exactly where that product is – that’s £10,000 worth of plant that we can keep an eye on.”


Favoured features of the tracking system include a fast and easy to use integrated map to monitor contractor deliveries and ensure sites have been cleared our after each project, the estimated arrival time of staff and deliveries, and to give customers who may be taking time away from their own job, accurate notice of when to expect drivers. The ability to monitor vehicle speed and replay trips back was also helpful in proving to the Police that a road accident was not a fault of the driver, therefore saving the business increased insurance premiums and repair costs.

“Having that information at our fingertips quickly is priceless.”



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