Improving logistics & maintenance planning for a plant and machinery hire business

Through usage reports and live location data, a plant hire business has been able to become more efficient, improve machine uptime and save unnecessary fuel costs.  

ABAX solution: Plant Tracking & Fleet Management  

Norfolk-based PPH Access Platform Hire provides plant and machinery hire services, with a large plant fleet consisting of scissor lifts, booms and cherry pickers.  

With one branch, an expanding fleet and five employees to oversee the busy hire business, it needed a system that offered an accurate overview of the location of every asset in the fleet. PPH wanted a solution that would increase the security of the assets, and prevent theft, as well as a solution that could help improve logistic planning to allow a more efficient delivery and collection service and better planning for the servicing and maintenance of the machines.  

"ABAX provides peace of mind that the machines are secure – The usage tracking is great, and service intervals definitely help. Our drivers and office staff know exactly where our machines are at all times."

Through installing the ABAX system and using dedicated usage reports, PPH Access Hire reports being able to track the usage of each machine more accurately. By monitoring the hours the machine is in motion, servicing and maintenance can be planned more effectively, allowing them to run more efficiently and prolong the life span of each machine.  

The team has also been able to become far more efficient when it comes to the logistics of delivering and collecting the machinery that is out for hire. The live location map provides a real-time location of each driver – meaning they now know who is closest to the address, saving time and unnecessary fuel costs.  

"Through time saved with delivery and collection efficiency, I would say that ABAX has saved us a considerable amount of money so far and will continue to do so."

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