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Get control of every asset in your fleet and experience business-wide benefits.

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Gain total control of your fleet

With rising costs to navigate - tracking assets from large fleets of vans right through to small, yet expensive, tools and equipment can yield incredible results across an entire business. Join hundreds of utility businesses using ABAX tracking systems to cut down on admin time, wasted time and reduce fuel spend all while improving customer service and increasing visibility


Unifying your view of all vehicles, equipment and tools

Asset tracking is crucial for companies in the utility industry, where demand is constant. It streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, productivity, and compliance. With a unified view of all powered and non-powered tracked assets via desktop or the ABAX app, locating items becomes a breeze, eliminating time wasted on calls or searching for misplaced tools. Real-time tracking on a single live map revolutionises visibility and operational efficiency. Additionally, automated mileage tracking through comprehensive reporting saves time by eliminating manual mileage calculations for electrical businesses.

  • Track handheld tools with our ABAX Mini

  • Track larger assets with our GPS-based solutions

  • Internal battery hardware for unpowered assets

  • Set up virtual borders with geofencing

  • Proactive alerts and 10 second location refresh

  • 'Find me' functionality


Identify savings through data from your utility fleet

Asset tracking is a game-changer for utility companies, especially in terms of boosting profitability. Fuel costs typically account for over 50% of total operating expenses, making cost control essential. Fleet management systems provide transparency and control over expenses by identifying cost-increasing activities like vehicle idling, unauthorised usage, inefficient routing, poor driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance mismanagement.

In addition, accurate mileage tracking, as offered by ABAX, helps companies meet HMRC requirements, minimise private mileage costs, optimise tax and NI contributions, and improve overtime payment accuracy. By identifying and rectifying unnecessary expenses, accurate asset tracking not only reduces financial impact but also increases the bottom line for utility businesses.

  • Digitise timesheet records

  • Eliminate private and unauthorised usage

  • Total overview of fleet risk picture

  • Site entry and exit recording

  • Link driver behavior directly to relevant costs

  • Real-time insights provides opportunity for targeted training and coaching, enhancing driver skills and professionalism.


Increase vehicle and equipment uptime

Utility fleet management software is crucial for companies to minimise unexpected vehicle downtime, limiting its business impact. Factors like unauthorised and unaccountered-for usage, excessive mileage, poor driving and route planning, and irregular maintenance can result in unplanned vehicle breakdowns, shorten life span and customer dissatisfaction.

Investing in a reliable fleet management system with robust data capabilities offers both immediate and long-term advantages. It allows companies to leverage mileage and usage data, along with driver behavior tracking, for proactive vehicle and equipment servicing and maintenance planning. This, in turn, facilitates precise operations scheduling and capacity management. Moreover, tracking driver behavior enables intervention through training and incentives, boosting staff morale, reducing tire wear and tear, and curbing unnecessary fuel wastage.

  • Plan service and maintenance schedules based on usage, not time

  • Prolong the life of vehicles, plant and tools

  • Automate daily usage logs

  • Full overview of the location of all powered and non powered assets


Delight customers and improve brand reputation

Fleet management software is the key to delivering exceptional customer service and enhancing brand reputation for local and national utility companies, including plumbing, electrical, and telecoms. The ability to provide accurate arrival times and rapid responses sets your business apart and ensures ultimate accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our real-time tracking, combined with historical data, enables swift driver location identification and, consequently, precise arrival time estimates for customers. Additionally, this data serves as a valuable resource for long-term operational planning and route optimisation. Leveraging vehicle tracking systems like ABAX not only delights customers but also fosters brand loyalty and encourages repeat business, making your utility company a preferred choice.

  • Respond quickly by identifying employees available, or closest to emergency call-outs

  • Proactively alert drivers to traffic events for route optimisation

  • Proactive alerts and 10 second location refresh

  • Monitor driver behaviour

  • Convenient app for improved broadcasting and 1-on-1 communication with drivers

Jo McGarvie

Plant Manager at JMC Construction

"Since having the trackers on our vehicles and plant, productivity has increased during the day."



Compliance Manager at FDS

"We log into our ABAX tracker every morning – the rule at FDS is ‘it’s always on the screen’. Having the ABAX system installed has added great value to our company; it’s made us all much more efficient."


Rob James

Panthera Group

“Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."



J McCann

“Prior to the ABAX system we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”



Wrights Roofing Ltd

“Using the ABAX MINI allows us on a day-to-day basis to know exactly where that product is – that’s £10,000 worth of plant that we can keep an eye on.”



Red Van Plumbers

“It is a tool that allows us to find out exactly where our engineers are without having to interrupt them while they are working. If a customer calls to find out where the engineer is, we can use the tracker to give them an accurate time of arrival without having to contact the engineer and calling the customer back.”


Chris Crowley

Pro-Lifting UK Ltd

"I never knew there would be so many benefits from using a tracking system to help me improve multiple areas in my business."


Jon King

director at East Midlands Contracting

"Now everything, from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!"


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