Tracking helps tree surgeons branch out when it comes to security and safety

They say prevention is better than cure – and Nene Valley Tree Services are now reaping the many benefits offered by ABAX’s telematics solutions when it comes to theft and crime reduction.

Tracking helps tree surgeons branch out when it comes to security and safety

With a range of expensive tools and machinery essential to their job, the Cambridgeshire-based tree surgeons were looking for a solution to not only protect their assets, but their workforce too. It was a Google search that led the company to ABAX to help fulfil its commitment to improve its security while safeguarding its five-strong team.

And the ABAX solutions really came into their own for the company when tracking led to the recovery of a high-priced chipper.

Office manager Lucy Stone explains: “We chose ABAX because of the need we have to protect our expensive equipment. We have a selection of tools and machinery which are essential for us to do the work we do.

“The tracking allowed us to find the precise location of the chipper, and more importantly, to recover it quickly. We are very grateful that the system was installed and saved us around £20,000. Since partnering with ABAX, nothing else has gone missing.”

One of the most effective solutions being used by Nene Valley Services is the ABAX Geofence.

A Geofence can act like an invisible trip wire. If assets leave their designated area, the customer is immediately notified and prompted to start tracking the vehicle, plant, or trailer and its contents. Nene Valley Tree Services use Geofence to add an extra layer of security to the vehicles and assets housed at its yard.

In addition, ABAX installed tracking devices allow Lucy to keep an accurate and real-time check on the location of vehicles – as well as the employees, giving peace of mind when it comes to the safety of the team, particularly – she says – if an accident was ever to happen.

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