Sustainability : A Fundamental Responsibility

We work to find solutions that do more with fewer resources. 

Sustainability is a fundamental responsibility that we have to our employees, customers, the planet, and future generations.


So far, our journey looks like this:

In 2020 - ABAX calculated and offset its operational and business travel emissions.

By 2021, we were tackling emissions we didn’t own or control, but that we impact through our value chain.

And from 2022, we measured scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions with an ambition to reduce continuously and offset the remaining emissions.

Our offsets are only PAS 2060 certified carbon projects that are verified by the Gold Standard or Verra.

To strengthen our environmental efforts in the supply chain we initiated an ABAX Re:Use program, where hardware is refurbished and reused. As we adapt our processes to be more circular we are seeing significant, potential reductions in supply chain emissions. Follow our progress in our annual Sustainability Report.

Green Supply Chain

We measure and manage our CO2 emissions in a streamlined supply chain.

ABAX is mobilising around climate change directly through our core business. Telematics technology plays a key role in improving the impact that construction, transport, postal and municipal or public service sector assets can have on the environment. How? By connecting vehicles, equipment, and tools to the ABAX IoT platform, one can instantly measure and manage these assets more responsibly and sustainably.

ABAX measures CO2 emissions throughout the value chain. We do this for corporate and product emissions so that we can tackle emissions reductions on a granular level. Managing and offsetting remaining emissions is an important part of our sustainability contribution, and includes an eco-commute incentive program, and supply chain sustainability initiatives among others.

Community Engagement

We engage our local communities in climate action.

Our employees across the UK and Europe regularly take part in initiatives designed to preserve the environment in their local communities, while the ABAX strives to support far-reaching, global environmental programs.

Reforestation - in total we have grown over 200,000 trees in partnership with WeForest. This reforestation project was initiated in Malawi and positively reaches the livelihoods of the communities surrounding the mount Mulanje forest where the trees were grown.

Ocean Clean-Ups - plastic pollution, in all its forms, impacts climate change and has negative implications for all environments. It’s why ABAX Driving Behaviour is an important tool for our customers because it reduces tire wear-and-tear, and micro-plastic pollution.

Each year our employees rallying around this issue by cleaning up harbors, beaches, and waterways and promote environmental awareness in our communities.

Diverting plastic from the environment - in partnership with Empower, Trash Mongers and Ecodrop, we diverted 1,000,000 plastic bottles from landfill. The recycled bottles are then sold on the open market increasing the availability of recycled plastics as a raw material for production and further develops legitimate recycling operations in remote locations.

Equal opportunities for all

The ABAX planet is a micro-climate that we care for just like planet Earth.

We believe that the success of the whole comes from from the success of each part.

ABAX Head office in Larvik, Norway was built by the local construction company, Helge Klyve, specifically with lower emissions in mind. Approximately 90% of the materials are recycled from the old mill which stood on location. The heating and cooling system is based on renewable energy with a high degree of heat recovery and energy management.

Our offices across Europe are designed for personal advancement and fulfillment incorporating colour, light, and creative spaces for optimal employee satisfaction. And we truly strive to have high rates of employee satisfaction. We perform routine audits on this with the most recent poll coming in at 84% happy and engaged employees.