Greater theft prevention led to cost savings and increased productivity

Established landscaping used plant and tool tracking to effectively streamline day-to-day operations, leading to significant cost savings.

ABAX Solution: Tool Tracking & Plant Tracking

After being referred to ABAX by a friend and coming across the business in an online forum, Kedge Landscapes – a plant hire, groundworks and hard landscape company got in touch with our team.

Based in South Buckinghamshire, Kedge Landscapes operate with their own full-time staff and a team of sub-contractors. Operating with a large fleet of tools and machinery, it was the risk of theft that was the driving force behind their decision to become an ABAX customer.

Expensive equipment is kept in a secure yard. However, the rise in plant theft had begun to cause more worry amongst the team. The machinery is also hired out, meaning it is often on the move and potentially at greater risk while being used by external parties.

The team at Kedge Landscapes have found the geo-fencing feature offers a heightened level of protection.

"The geofence facility is great and has given us peace of mind we can now leave machines comfortably on site, just have a quick check on a map, rather than taking to and from a yard."

As well as offering assurance, eliminating the need for machinery to be transported back and forth each day has led to significant cost reductions in the business, while the hours previously spent travelling can now be spent on more valuable activities. The ability to monitor the usage of machines and tools has given the team the ability to plan servicing more efficiently and accurately charge for the hire of the equipment, enabling the business to become more profitable.

"I would always refer ABAX and have done to anybody that’s asked about tracking - I will always continue to do this."

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