Preventing employees using company vehicles in personal time for a glazing business

This company suspected staff were using company vehicles and materials to carry out private jobs – vehicle tracking provided visibility and control, leading to cost savings. ABAX Solution: Vehicle Tracking!

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Based in Lancaster, Elite Windows operate with 11 employees across two branches. A point of concern in the business was the fact that there was little visibility or control when it came to private use of company vehicles by employees. Another worry was around driver behaviour and habits, and ultimately the impact that careless driving would have on the business.  

Upon installing the ABAX system, Elite Windows quickly found a huge reduction in the number of private trips that company vehicles were used for. This confirmed their suspicions that not only were vehicles being used for employees carrying out private work, but their materials too – meaning the business is able to make savings when it comes to the mileage and replacing materials.  

"We find the risk of accidents is reduced due to the system being installed, this is demonstrated in the driving behavior."

The system has also provided the platform for efficiencies to be made. For example, the senior team have instant access to the location of each employee, so should a customer call, the nearest employee can be dispatched to attend. Further to this, having an accurate system in place has instilled peace of mind, and the business can be confident that staff are arriving and leaving at specified times, and not abusing time when it comes to breaks, in fact, since installing ABAX, they have managed to build a team of employees that are proving to be trustworthy.  

"We noticed that once the ABAX system was in place any problem staff we had that were abusing our vehicles soon left. This turned out to have a real positive impact as clearly these were the ones using the company vehicles for their own. We now know that staff cannot take a 2-hour lunch break as and when it pleases them, or leave a job early."

 "We would always recommend ABAX, we just love the system and it's made our lives a lot easier."

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