Landscape contractors swap to ABAX for full asset visibility

East Midlands Contracting moved partners to take advantage of ABAX MINI2, which meant every asset, from its largest vehicle to its smallest tool was visible on the same monitoring system.

Landscape contractors swap to ABAX for full asset visibility

East Midlands Landscaping already utilised another tracking provider for its vehicle and fleet management, but decided to swap over to ABAX Smart Mobility solution to take advantage of MINI2.

This meant it could bring all its tracking and monitoring features together and have full visibility - all from one efficient screen. This is critical for the Leicestershire-based landscaping contractor, whose 120-strong workforce will be operating from multiple sites across the UK every day.

With 25 vans, two excavators, four loaders, four tractors, dumpers, plus literally hundreds of power tools and other machinery to keep track of, the risks of potential loss and theft become a major logistical nightmare.

This is where ABAX’s MINI2 has proved a winner.

Jon King, director at East Midlands Contracting, now in its 35th year of business, explains why:

“Aside from our fleet of vans and plant we use a lot of smaller machinery - mowers, rotovators, generators, rollers, and power tools - which we needed to track the whereabouts of at any one time.

"As we could not previously practically fit a vehicle tracker onto a rotovator or a power drill, we have always relied on our warehouse manager booking the smaller machinery plus power tools ‘in’ and ‘out’ with pen and paper which was not an ideal or robust system.

"Now everything, from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!”

Jon King, East Midlands Contracting

The other great benefit of the ABAX MINI2 solution is the zero installation cost. This makes onboarding easy and cost-effective – another bonus. As Jon adds:

“Onboarding is very simple as we can fit ourselves and do not need to ground vehicles and wait for (and pay for) a tracking company's fitters to come and fit tracking units, initially or at change over.”

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