Vehicle, plant and tool tracking for the construction industry

We understand the challenges faced by construction businesses. ABAX helps you with tracking, location and usage monitoring of all your company's vehicles, plant and assets, regardless of size or type.

Construction site with digger and buildings in the background

The building and construction industry often has expensive and operationally critical equipment spread over various locations. Read how ABAX can assist with detailed insights, increased profitability and better security for the building and construction industry.

Construction Industry

Use fleet insights to improve operations

With tight deadlines, tight margins and high expectations to be met – it’s crucial that construction firms have full control and full visibility over their operations and assets.  Not only does this enable construction businesses to increase efficiency, optimise their operations and properly utilise equipment – it also allows them to become more productive and profitable.

  • Set up virtual borders (geofences) around sites and be alerted when vehicles enter and exit.

  • Track handheld tools with ABAX Smart Inventory

  • Track larger assets with ABAX GPS based solutions

  • Utilise ABAX's internal battery hardware for unpowered assets

  • Proactive alerts and 10 second location refresh

  • 'Find me' functionality

Construction Industry

Reduce the risk and impact of lost and stolen plant and equipment

Machine and equipment management solutions have the power to transform the approach to maintenance and servicing. They empower construction businesses by proactively monitoring the health and performance of their vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

By offering real-time data on diagnostics and usage patterns, telematics enables optimised maintenance schedules, reducing downtime and costly repairs. This ensures that projects remain on track and meet deadlines.

These evolved solutions also allow constructions businesses to comply with safety initiatives and legislation, encouraging safer driving practices among operators and enhancing on-site safety.

Ultimately, fleet management solutions improve operational efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, making them invaluable tools for success in the construction industry.

  • Plan service and maintenance schedules based on usage, not time

  • Prolong the life of vehicles, plant and tools

  • Automate daily usage logs

  • Full overview of the location of all powered and non powered assets

Construction Industry

Ensure safe driving and driver wellbeing with driver behaviour monitoring

Fleet management solutions play a vital role in enhancing driver behavior. These solutions enable construction businesses to proactively monitor and improve driver practices, promoting safety and efficiency both on route to and from, and on construction sites.

By offering real-time insights into speeding, harsh braking and cornering, and other behaviors, fleet management systems empower businesses to reduce accidents, increase vehicle longevity, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Safer and more efficient driving practices lead to reliable service delivery and project timelines, benefiting both construction companies and their clients.

  • Total overview of fleet risk picture

  • Site entry and exit recording

  • Link driver behavior directly to relevant costs

  • Real-time insights provides opportunity for targeted training and coaching, enhancing driver skills and professionalism.

  • Protect vehicle integrity and reduce neccessary wear, tear and damage

  • Increase driver safety and job security

Construction Industry

Reduce the financial and environmental impact with one intelligent system

Fleet management solutions are at the forefront of promoting environmental responsibility within the construction sector.

By optimising routes, reducing vehicle idling, and encouraging fuel-efficient driving practices, these solutions substantially lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns construction businesses with eco-conscious goals, initiatives and requirements.

Additionally, timely machinery servicing ensures equipment reliability, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and project delays, further contributing to a greener and more responsible construction industry that benefits both the business and its environmentally conscious clients.

  • SECR compliant reporting

  • Respond accordingly to your CO2 performance

  • Reduce associated fuel wastage and related costs

  • Improve the performance and life span of vehicle and equipment

  • Identify employees that require training and coaching using reliable data

Construction Industry

Company car sharing

The operation and management of projects often entail multiple employees sharing vehicles, with certain vans and trucks being used more frequently due to proximity or the need to access equipment and machinery stored in the vehicle's rear. In such scenarios, fleet management solutions play a crucial role by providing a comprehensive overview of vehicle sharing practices. This not only optimises the efficient use of available vehicles but ensures the burden of use is distributed evenly.

For businesses, fleet management solutions drive cost efficiency and resource allocation by ensuring that vehicles are fully utilised and reducing idle time. Drivers/operators gain access to a variety of vehicles, enhancing flexibility while office staff can instantly see which driver is in which vehicle, communicating accordingly.

  • Identify drivers with Driver ID

  • Send messages to one or more drivers

  • Live location updates

  • Address events from trip details in map

  • Prolong the life span of the vehicles in your fleet and reduce the need for excess or unfit vehicles

  • See which drivers are available for assignments

Jo McGarvie

Plant Manager at JMC Construction

"Since having the trackers on our vehicles and plant, productivity has increased during the day."



Compliance Manager at FDS

"We log into our ABAX tracker every morning – the rule at FDS is ‘it’s always on the screen’. Having the ABAX system installed has added great value to our company; it’s made us all much more efficient."


Rob James

Panthera Group

“Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."



J McCann

“Prior to the ABAX system we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”


Chris Wallwein

Spirotech Group

“The system allows us to monitor driving behaviour to ensure our vehicles are being driven safely and legally.”



Wrights Roofing Ltd

“Using the ABAX MINI allows us on a day-to-day basis to know exactly where that product is – that’s £10,000 worth of plant that we can keep an eye on.”


Jason Tearle

Director at G & J Groundwork

“Using ABAX solutions now allows us to operate the business in a much better way on a day-to-day basis. Unlike before, employees don’t leave jobs early as they now know there are trackers on the vehicles."



Red Van Plumbers

“It is a tool that allows us to find out exactly where our engineers are without having to interrupt them while they are working. If a customer calls to find out where the engineer is, we can use the tracker to give them an accurate time of arrival without having to contact the engineer and calling the customer back.”


Chris Crowley

Pro-Lifting UK Ltd

"I never knew there would be so many benefits from using a tracking system to help me improve multiple areas in my business."


Jon King

director at East Midlands Contracting

"Now everything, from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!"


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