Construction support services company steps up its own security thanks to ABAX

No stranger to working within the security sector, Surrey-based Panthera Group is now putting its own business under the spotlight, thanks to the installation of ABAX telematics solutions.

Construction worker with high vis and hard hat securing sign to construction site fence

With a workforce of around 35, Panthera Group is a leading construction site set-up group providing vital site infrastructure services – including security - across London and the Home Counties.

Having been recommended by a member of its in-house team, Panthera bosses approached ABAX to source ways to help the company become more efficient, security-savvy and improve the driving behaviour of its own staff.

Prior to ABAX Fleet, out of hours usage of vehicles was proving costly in terms of speeding and parking fines being issued to drivers.

“Primarily we use ABAX for day-to-day control of the many vehicles we have and that we need to keep an eye on within the business. A daily report received as part of the solution shows any out of hours usage, as well as notifications of any driving behaviour that has resulted in speeding penalties or parking fines being issues.

Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."

Rob James, Panthera Group

The company has even been able to recover a van that was reported missing by its driver – thanks to the inconspicuous positioning of the ABAX tracker and the real-time mapping capability.

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