Providing full control over 40 company vehicles and 50 subcontractors

For a business with 40 vehicles and 50 subcontractors, it was crucial to gain full visibility and control for this utility business. 

Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Gas Utility business GMM Utilities was referred to ABAX through an established customer. A tracking system was already in place, but it was proving insufficient, and the team was frustrated with the level of customer service it had received since installation.  

As a business with 55 subcontractors using 40 company-owned vehicles, it was crucial that the senior team was able to accurately monitor the location of each vehicle to make sure it was able to confirm or dismiss suspicions when it came to private use of the company vehicles.

"The ABAX system allows us to track the lads for out of hour usage. We use subbies but the vehicles are mine and the business covers the fuel. Most of the lads have been with us a while - some as long as 20 years. I’m flexible and it's always swings and roundabouts with regards to early finishes etc. "

"The system is very much in the background doing what it’s there to do. I’m a very old school guy - it’s there if I need to look thus giving us peace of mind if we need it."

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