Lorry haulage firm keeps farming loads moving efficiently thanks to ABAX tracking

After diversifying from farming to haulage, JH Wright increased the number of lorries in its fleet from one to four – and is now looking to expand further. This expansion and a desire for efficient vehicle tracking, driver location and better customer communication led to a decision to invest in ABAX solutions.

The business says this has not only offered peace of mind, but value for money.

The first introduction to what ABAX had to offer was through the ABAX MINI, used by JH Wright to track the whereabouts of fridges it was transporting at the time. The small, easy to use tracker gave accurate results, with the joy of being easily switched between devices.

The business now uses the trackers as part of its day-to-day efficiency – being able to view the location of its drivers and the lorries, as well as giving accurate arrival times to farmers who are on time-sensitive schedules, ready and waiting to load their crops and harvests.

“The onboarding from ABAX was very good and really useful. They were there right at the beginning from offering help with setting up and logging in to explaining all the features of the app and how each works."

Getting to the real nitty gritty of when lorries arrive and leave the yard has also helped to improve efficiency, time management and cost-effectiveness for the Cambridgeshire-based firm – which like many others is currently mindful of the rising fuel costs.

"ABAX has given us real peace of mind in that, particularly with the increase in price of machinery, if anything was to be stolen, we would have a quick and efficient way of finding out its location and recovering it.”

Although JH Wright hasn’t suffered at the hands of thieves, the tracking app was able to provide evidence of the exact location of a lorry which police suggested had been involved in an incident. ABAX tracking accurately put the JH Wright vehicle back at base at the suggested time and place of the incident, all of which was presented to the police and no further action was taken.

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