Information that powers your business' performance

Future-proof your business with mobility data insights that empower you to do more with less. By gathering data from across your fleet and mobile workforce, we enable smart decision-making that leads to savings where it matters - time, money and resources and reduced risk.

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Data that makes a real difference

ABAX envisions a future where mobility data serves as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and transformation. To realise this vision, we have developed a cutting-edge, open, data-agnostic telematics platform.


Through vehicle management

True transparency over driving styles, CO2 emissions, route planning, vehicle idling and live locations. We provide you with data that helps improve operational and financial decisions.

Fleet management solutions
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Through machine and equipment management

Our open platform gathers information from ABAX hardware as well as third-party and factory fitted devices. Centralised data means monitoring equipment utilisation and depreciation across every asset in your fleet.

Machine and equipment management
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Through asset tracking

Accurate live location data, geofencing and proactive alerts when assets are left onsite means frustration and costs associated with lost, misplaced and stolen assets are a thing of the past.

Asset tracking and inventory
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Through mobility data services

When you opt in to our TCO feature, you'll gain exclusive access to personalised, discounted data-driven services from our partners, such as usage based fleet insurance offers (in collaboration with partners) or ESG reporting.

Mobility data services
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Building meaningful connections

Manage all logistics, workforce and assets in one place for centralised connectivity and greater control. Through reliable tracking services and data collection points, we can help you optimise utilisation and logistics, increase uptime, enhance efficiency and reduce theft.


Leveraging multiple data points

Good things happen when best of class is combined. Pulling real-time data from multiple global satellite systems, Bluetooth and RFID, our accurate location software is trusted by businesses of all sizes across multiple industries.

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Utilising Open APIs

We aim to help businesses connect their workforce, this means integrating with other platforms to make sure the data that is needed, is centralised.

Mobility data services
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Private and secure by design

Our service is based on the principles of privacy by design and default. At national and international levels, we meet security, privacy and compliance regulations.

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Solving problems that lead to better performance

It's what we do best. Intelligent software to enable you to analyse your business and identify areas of improvement - from fuel spend and machinery utilisation to maintenance scheduling and employee productivity.


Reducing costs

ABAX software enables quick identification of business areas driving up costs that can be avoided. From fuel overspend and poor route planning to out-of-hours equipment usage and theft.

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Improved operational planning

When are your assets used, and are they being serviced frequently enough? Can location data be put to use through providing accurate and automated time to customers and used for future route planning? We help you understand how your assets are being used to enable you to optimise operational decisions.

Fleet management solutions
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Maximising productivity and uptime

No more manual hours spent locating drivers, lost tools or stolen assets. Accurate mapping services means you have full visibility, while historical mileage data is gathered and analysed, ready for reporting. Your team can focus on the areas that grow the business.

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Improving staff safety and wellbeing

Vehicle tracking and driver behavior monitoring encourages safer driving practices, reducing stress associated with accidents, and preventing fatigue-related issues. By providing real-time support and encouraging accountability, they contribute to overall staff safety and wellbeing.

Fleet management solutions
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