Construction business reaps the benefits of tracking to cut back on tool theft and loss

Having control over the location of its expensive mixed fleet, equipment and assets is a big win for McCann Ltd – a business which has seen first-hand the benefits and value of vehicle and tool tracking.

McCann Ltd. office building with black logo on wall

With a head office in Nottingham, and four other sites around the country, the lighting civil infrastructure specialist owns its own mixed fleet of vehicles and plant. McCann Ltd. employs over 450 people working on schemes that range from motorway lighting to residential house building.

This means its fleet of HGVs, light loaders, trailers, vans and other vehicles are in constant use across numerous locations, which presents logistical and administrative challenges.

The assets the vehicles carry with them – including high value drills, Stihl saws and peckers – are popular targets for thieves. And at £500 a saw, recovering lost, misplaced or even stolen tools can certainly rack up cost in time and money when it comes to replacements.

Paul from McCann Ltd. said: “Although Covid hasn’t affected us and we have grown, it’s affected us in terms of getting the equipment that we need, and the availability of what we need.

“Prior to the ABAX system we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”

Paul, McCann

The ABAX Fleet, which the company says is easy and simple to install and use, really came into its own in the recovery of one piece of expensive machinery. A £50,000 excavator was returned to the company after the team was alerted that a vehicle having gone missing. It was tracked through live updates, located and recovered by the Police and returned.

Paul says ABAX tracking has given him greater control when it comes to locating and recovering missing tools and equipment. Prior to the trackers, there would be little or no accountability from the drivers who lost assets, and the business would end up paying the bill for replacements.

“The system does what is says on the lid – it will track your equipment and does so easily with no hassle – from installation to use and reporting.”

Paul, McCann

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