ABAX Worksite

Simplify operations and automate the daily management of your machine fleet - no matter where you are. Our easy to use machinery monitoring system tracks positions, operating hours, fuel levels, utilisation rates, and maximises productivity and profitability in your projects.

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All this is included

  • Avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs. With ABAX Worksite, you receive automatic reminders when it's time for service and maintenance of your equipment. By scheduling service intervals based on actual usage, you eliminate unnecessary downtime while keeping your equipment in top condition!

Getting started

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Easy installation

Getting started is simple! Create an account and connect your machines - you can easily do this yourself, no professional installation is required.

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Gain insights

Now, let's analyse your data! The ABAX platform gives you a comprehensive view of your machine fleet. Quickly gain control, identify trends, and any potential issues.

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Make profitable decisions

With the insights provided by ABAX Worksite, you're ready to make data-driven decisions to optimise operations, reduce costs, and boost productivity in your business.

"Machinery theft is an on-going issue within the construction industry and the ABAX Geofence feature allows us to create a boundary around all sites. If machines go outside the Geofence boundary, we are immediately notified by text and email, giving us peace of mind about the security of our assets."

Operations Manager, John Kelly Construction

Why ABAX Worksite?

Benefits of ABAX Worksite

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Increased Control

Machinery and plant tracking positions, usage, and status are recorded in real-time while receiving detailed reports on idling, operating hours, fuel consumption, and CO₂ emissions.

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Reduced risks

Protect your assets from theft and unauthorised use. Receive alerts if machines are moved or used outside a predefined area and track their position in real-time to take immediate action.

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Reduced costs

Maximise the utilisation of your machine fleet. Avoid costly downtime by scheduling maintenance based on actual usage. Receive automatic reminders for service and maintenance.

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