Greater fleet visibility led to improved productivity for this environmental business

As principal contractors for major landscape projects in historic national houses and garden cities across the UK, MaydenCroft Ltd needed greater visibility and efficiency across its mixed fleet.

ABAX Solution: Fleet Tracking & Tool Tracking

Specialising in landscaping and the environmental industry, MaydenCroft Ltd have expanded across the UK from their Hertfordshire-based HQ with impressive growth, now employing 120 staff.

This many staff commuting daily between multiple jobs and sites meant that MaydenCroft Ltd needed to gain accurate visibility across their fleet with a system that also provided automation functionality – allowing the management and office team to make better use of their time.

The team already had a system in place, but it wasn’t aligned with the evolved needs of the business, and ABAX offered far greater functionality.

"The ABAX system offers everything on one map and was competitive, price-wise, for us to make the move."

The team can now make far more informed logistical decisions, leading to the number of productive hours being maximised across each job site as well as cost reductions in both fuel and insurance.

It’s not only vehicles that the team can apply better planning to. Tracking on tools and machinery means they can monitor usage and running time with little manual intervention and arrange servicing in a way that minimises down time.

While managers and office staff have a one-pane view of everyone’s location, each driver has their own log-in to the system through the ABAX App. This ensures accurate data capture when it comes to the time they arrive and leave their sites each day, meaning should discrepancies ever arise, they can be resolved quickly using the data, instead of manual hours wasted tracking down information.

"We would always recommend ABAX. The customer service is great and if ever we encounter a slight issue, it’s always resolved ASAP."

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