Telecoms cable company slashes driver speeding fines and fuel costs

Van on road in country

Before choosing ABAX’s solutions to improve driving behaviour, Milton Keynes-based Fibre First was receiving up to 10 speeding tickets a month on company vehicles – at an enormous cost to the business.

In addition, vehicles were also being taken home by drivers and often used out of normal working hours, resulting in the telecoms cable company losing money unnecessarily on a regular basis.

“We had vehicles going home with drivers and out of hours trips were costing the company money. By working with ABAX, our productivity has increased, and we are not only saving money on fuel and clocking up less mileage, but we know where our drivers are at any given time.”

It was thanks to an employee who has used ABAX with success at a previous workplace that the recommendation was made and acted upon by Fibre First.

Better driving behaviour instantly led to a significant reduction in the number of drivers receiving speeding tickets, and the company also began saving on fuel costs and time.

Fibre First, which employs 18 members of staff across two locations, is reaping the rewards of easy to install, monitor and track telematics solutions.

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