Monitoring of goods shipping in rail transport with ABAX Trackers

At ABAX, we treat our clients' needs very seriously and we take on various challenges to meet their requirements. This was the case of our customer who is an international shipping company that wished to carry out monitoring tests for container transport to China and back. 

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When we create our products we listen to our customers and respond to their market needs. We noticed an increase in the rail transport trend, so we decided to conduct an experiment... Our objective was to monitor cargo transported by rail from Poland to China and back. We implemented a pilot project that has been successful. 


Our client is an international freight forwarder whose portfolio includes transport of goods by rail. Before the first rail transport to China, our client had a vision. The company wanted to give its customers the ability to monitor shipments during throughout transport. They did not wish to limit their knowledge to the following: when a container was sent from Poland, when it arrived at the destination and when it returned to Poland. 

What could be the complications and risks of the lack of GPS devices in transport? 

  • No knowledge of the date of arrival to the destination 

  • No information on potential thefts 

  • No information about extended duration of transport 

  • No ability to notify customers of delays 

  • Stress 

An experiment for the 21st century 

In our experiment we monitored containers in rail transport from Poland to China. 41 days – this is how long it took to transport goods in both directions and our EQ device allowed for efficient locating of loads for more than 9,000 km in one direction throughout transport. 

Solution of the future 

The new Silk Road is a railway route, which is an alternative to air and maritime transport from/to China. With ABAX devices, rail transport can be fully monitored and goods transported in this way can reach customers on time. In case of delays - often unpredictable - it is a good idea to report them to customers and plan work without stress and losses. 

ABAX EQ devices leave a position track every 12 hours, regardless of the GSM signal. If there is no GSM position, data will be stored in the device and sent when the GSM signal becomes available again, regardless of the part of the world. 

There are many benefits for the customers who use ABAX EQ to monitor their containers. Here are some of them: 

  • Thorough transport planning 

  • Information about delays 

  • Work optimisation 

  • Cargo under strict supervision 

  • Access to precise reports 

With the GPS device from ABAX, you can efficiently manage your containers and carriages. You always know the exact location of your assets. The ABAX EQ modules can operate for several years using power-efficient settings and an internal battery with extended lifetime. 

Test results 

Our pilot project was a success. The cargo and its location were visible during the entire transport. EQ signals were sent every 12 hours according to factory settings at client's request. 

It was the first experimental rail transport, which met the expectations of our client. We believe that ABAX EQ will provide monitoring of each product transported in containers by rail, and thanks to its capabilities, our GPS device will have a positive impact on the development of this type of transport. 

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