BALI-accredited tracking solutions for the landscaping industry

User friendly tracking for tools, vehicles and machinery - in one platform for increased visibility, efficiency and control.

Unrivalled tracking solutions for the landscaping industry

ABAX make real-time tracking for the landscaping industry simple. Our BALI-accredited software offers a wide range of easy-to-use features, from live maps and mileage reporting, to geofencing and alerts - we can help you save time, money and give you full visibility and peace of mind.


Prolong the life and performance of vehicles and equipment

The right fleet management system empowers landscaping businesses to extend the lifespan and performance of vehicles, equipment and tools through usage data and proactive maintenance planning, reducing the need for costly replacements. With a robust system, leveraging mileage, driver behavior data and equipment and tool usage, companies can optimise servicing, maintenance, and operational planning, ultimately boosting profitability by minimising unnecessary expenses and repairs.

  • Plan service and maintenance schedules based on usage, not time

  • Prolong the life of vehicles, plant and tools

  • Automate daily usage logs

  • Full overview of the location of all powered and non powered assets

  • Increase the safety of drivers and operatives


Eliminate theft, lost assets and increase recovery rates

Landscaper's vans are full of costly equipment and tools, making the capability to track the location of every asset invaluable.

This real-time visibility minimises unproductive downtime, eliminates frustrations, and prevents disruptions. Our advanced geofencing feature takes it a step further, allowing plant and equipment to stay securely on job sites, reducing the need for daily transportation to and from company yards. This not only ensures operational efficiency but also provides peace of mind to businesses.

  • Track handheld tools

  • Track larger assets with GPS based solutions

  • Internal battery hardware for unpowered assets

  • Set up virtual borders with geofencing

  • Proactive alerts and 10 second location refresh

  • 'Find me' functionality


Identify and reduce unnecessary fleet costs

Efficiently managing multiple vehicles, assets, and employees often involves hours of effort, including constant communication, asset searches, and data consolidation. However, there's a solution that eliminates this time-consuming frustration, providing you with a streamlined, user-friendly one-pane view. With the capability to pinpoint the real-time location of every van and asset in your fleet on a single live map, it has revolutionised visibility and operational efficiency, providing peace of mind for landscaping companies across the UK.

  • Total overview of fleet asset location

  • Improve driver behaviour to reduce fuel wastage

  • Prolong the life of vehicles and assets

  • Identify and eliminate vehicle idling

  • Eliminate unauthorised usage


Immediately locate drivers to increase responsiveness

Fleet management software is the key to delivering exceptional customer service and enhancing brand reputation in a competitive sector like landscaping. The ability to provide accurate arrival times and rapid responses sets your business apart and ensures ultimate accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Our real-time tracking, combined with historical data, enables swift driver location identification and, consequently, precise arrival time estimates for customers. Additionally, this data serves as a valuable resource for long-term operational planning and route optimisation.

  • Respond quickly by identifying employees available, or closest to emergency call-outs

  • Proactively alert drivers to traffic events for route optimisation

  • Monitor driver behaviour

  • Convenient app for improved broadcasting and 1-on-1 communication with drivers

Jo McGarvie

Plant Manager at JMC Construction

"Since having the trackers on our vehicles and plant, productivity has increased during the day."



Compliance Manager at FDS

"We log into our ABAX tracker every morning – the rule at FDS is ‘it’s always on the screen’. Having the ABAX system installed has added great value to our company; it’s made us all much more efficient."


Rob James

Panthera Group

“Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."



J McCann

“Prior to the ABAX system we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”



Wrights Roofing Ltd

“Using the ABAX MINI allows us on a day-to-day basis to know exactly where that product is – that’s £10,000 worth of plant that we can keep an eye on.”



Red Van Plumbers

“It is a tool that allows us to find out exactly where our engineers are without having to interrupt them while they are working. If a customer calls to find out where the engineer is, we can use the tracker to give them an accurate time of arrival without having to contact the engineer and calling the customer back.”


Chris Crowley

Pro-Lifting UK Ltd

"I never knew there would be so many benefits from using a tracking system to help me improve multiple areas in my business."


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