Security improvements and better time management enjoyed by North Wales construction firm

With theft being an ongoing issue for the construction industry, one company in North Wales has turned to ABAX to help increase security and offer peace of mind.

Two yellow diggers on muddy worksite

Anglesey-based John Kelly Construction has introduced the innovative ABAX Geofence as part of its suite of telematics solutions to help protect its assets in the event of them being moved without authorisation or even stolen.

“Machinery theft is an on-going issue within the construction industry and the ABAX Geofence feature allows us to create a boundary around all sites. If machines go outside the Geofence boundary, we are immediately notified by text and e-mail, which means that this can be quickly acted upon, giving us peace of mind about the security of our assets."

Operations Manager from John Kelly Construction

As a construction company with sites across North Wales, the ABAX App allows the team to get real-time information on where machines and vehicles are located, as well as usage time.

It was a Google search that led the company to ABAX, and in turn has resulted in it becoming a much more efficient and automated business. With a head office, six sites, 26 full time and 10 subcontracted staff, the business was also looking for a way to streamline its reporting and vehicle maintenance schedule. By using ABAX, there has also been a reduction in the amount of man hours taken to log usage time and plan for servicing and maintenance.

Reports are created every month providing information on everything from hours and mileage to servicing and maintenance, as well as reminders for upcoming MOT and Tax. The client added:

“The ABAX system is simple to use and also reports on driver behaviour, which we are able to use to educate, inform and train our staff. "

Operations Manager at John Kelly

"By generating a lot of the information that we need automatically, it also helps to make our business more cost-effective. I could not imagine our company operating without a system like ABAX."

The company is now fully automated which makes everyone's lives so much easier. The system also generates reports on the average usage of machines which helps plan for scheduled maintenance every 500 hours, something the company sees as a priority and means it can be confident in the safety of the machines it has on site.

“HSE could turn up any time with regards to machine standards but I’m really confident I have things under control.”

Operations Manager at John Kelly

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