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Track and manage every asset within your fleet using ABAX's suite of intelligent, easy-to-use solutions connected to one single data-driven platform.

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Smart Mobility empowers you to do more with less

ABAX tracking solutions provide customers with valuable insights into their fleet, machinery and tools. These insights help lower the total cost of mobility, improve sustainability, and manage the mobile business smarter to save time, resources, and money. We call it SMART MOBILITY.

By transforming data into actionable insights within the Smart Mobility platform, we help you run your business smarter and:

Save time, money and resources

Jack Boothroyd

General Manager at Svella Asset Services

Historically, there’s been no controls over our small plant once it’s issued from our set services into the field – and this has become very, very expensive. We’ve got over 400 vehicles in our business and a lot of these guys work together and lend eachother tools… and then suddenly we have lost control of all the assets in our business. The beauty of ABAX is that we can try and locate everything and keep track of it at all times.


Tim Hopper

Pell Plant Hire Ltd.

“...The admin in our office were able to track the van down quickly using the ABAX system and it was recovered an hour later. Without ABAX, we would have let the customer down and lost over £15,000 in total across our van and tools!”


Charlie Wright-Roberts

Via Trustpilot

I have used ABAX for all of our plant equipment and it has saved us from a £45,000 theft, I can see where all our equipment is in real time and the hours it has been use . I recommend it to all operators of plant equipment.



Via Trustpilot

Very professional from the moment they first contacted us giving great case studies to back up their proposal to us. System was easy to install to over 30 vehicles 100 items of plant etc. and has not disappointed. It did everything they said it would and has worked well in the first 4 months. Any issues/trouble shooting items were dealt with very quickly by their team. Great desktop interface and the mobile version works well too.


Paul Fridd

Via Trustpilot

Great company! Been with them 2-3 years now always easy to deal with. Excellent customer service and really easy to use. Never had any problems.


Gabor Molnar

Via Trustpilot

I was interested in the Abax line of GPS trackers but I also contacted a few other companies. Abax responded immediately and had Usaamah had a professional quote ready for me. This professionalism continued all the way through phone calls ordering, invoices, delivery and setting up. It was all done with such level of courtesy that I wish was the order of business for other companies.


Sally Strode

Via Trustpilot

If you are looking for a vehicle tracking system look no further speak to Usaamah he will assist you with everything you need, excellent professional service throughout, plus very affordable, he will guide you every step of the way 100% recommend 🙂



J McCann

“Prior to the ABAX system we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”


Rob James

Panthera Group

“Since the installation of the ABAX tracking system we have made substantial savings by cutting down on out of hours usage and therefore reducing risk of accidents and other driving penalties."


SORC Logistics

Via Trustpilot

Abax team been really great with providing excellent customer service as well as quality product that I used every day make my life easy. I highly recommend this products and the service.



Red Van Plumbers

“It is a tool that allows us to find out exactly where our engineers are without having to interrupt them while they are working. If a customer calls to find out where the engineer is, we can use the tracker to give them an accurate time of arrival without having to contact the engineer and calling the customer back.”


Dave Goodman

Via Trustpilot

Very good communication, trackers are very accurate and takes the worry away from knowing where any of our Motorhomes are,


Chris Crowley

Pro-Lifting UK Ltd

"I never knew there would be so many benefits from using a tracking system to help me improve multiple areas in my business."


Peter Lever

Via Trustpilot

Polite staff who resolve things quickly and an effective product. Not more you can ask for really.


Chris Wallwein

Spirotech Group

“The system allows us to monitor driving behaviour to ensure our vehicles are being driven safely and legally.”


Bartholomew Bitowt

Via Trustpilot

Quick to set up, easy to install, intuitive to use and good customer contact.



Wrights Roofing Ltd

“Using the ABAX MINI allows us on a day-to-day basis to know exactly where that product is – that’s £10,000 worth of plant that we can keep an eye on.”



Compliance Manager at FDS

"We log into our ABAX tracker every morning – the rule at FDS is ‘it’s always on the screen’. Having the ABAX system installed has added great value to our company; it’s made us all much more efficient."


Stuart Kenna

Via Trustpilot

I spoke to one of the ABAX team and explained exactly what my reason was for getting the tracker’s fitted and they advised me what product would be best suited for my situation. They arranged fitters to come to me and install the kit everything was painless and I now have peace of mind about my vehicles. 100% would recommend ABAX for your vehicle security.


ABAX solutions

Fleet management

Precision location, theft alerts, emissions, and performance data - supercharge your fleet with accurate insights.

ABAX solutions

Machine and equipment management

Take control of your machinery and equipment with real-time monitoring and data streams that assist you in optimising your mixed fleet's profitability, productivity, and risk mitigation.

ABAX solutions

Asset tracking

From power tools to plant to vehicles. Everything within your fleet tracked and managed in one simple system.

ABAX solutions

Mobility data services

Built on your own mobility data, we can give you insights into your fleet, tools to help you improve operations and exclusive access to personalised, discounted data-driven services from our partners.

How we deliver value

Take control of your fleet

Leverage technology to work smarter. ABAX enables you to eliminate time spent on labour-intensive tasks like mileage claims, easily locate drivers and reduce risk when it comes to vehicle safety and driver behaviour.

Quickly identify cost savings

ABAX allows you to cut CO2 emissions, fuel and maintenance costs through the intelligent real-time location insights, driving style and fleet running data.

100% informed resource planning

Remove the guesswork from planning. ABAX allows you to optimise supply chain by providing visibility into the movement of goods, optimise route planning, manage delivery schedules, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

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