Saving £30,000 in insurance costs and improving customer service with live map data

Through live location data, we were able to help a courier business deliver improved customer service and reduce insurance premiums with our partner, Zego.

ABAX Solution: Fleet Tracking

Based in Glasgow, PPS is a parcel-delivery service with a fleet of 34 vehicles. PPS were introduced to us through our insurance partners, Zego, and they soon discovered that our ABAX system was perfectly aligned with the needs of their business.

PPS needed greater visibility across their fleet. As the business had grown, they found themselves operating a growing team with 34 vehicles to hundreds of customers every day, UK-wide, and needed to have accurate location data to maintain customer service levels.

"Since installing ABAX, we have complete visibility over the fleet and can quickly respond and react to any issues that may arise – providing far better customer service."

It’s the live location data, in particular, that PPS rely on so heavily. Being able to track exactly where parcels are through the live location map means they can offer a more transparent and reliable service.

Drivers also benefit from the system through uninterrupted days. The customer service team can access their location without any input from drivers, meaning no pulling over to take calls mid-delivery.

"Being able to respond to customers quickly and having a complete overview of our business now means we would never go back to not having a system. ABAX is a MUST."

When it comes to cost savings, PPS have been able to save £30,000 annually, through the data-led insurance partnership between ABAX and Zego. This mileage-based pricing means that PPS never pay more than the minimum base rate when the fleet is off the road, while the ABAX tracker accurately records the mileage alongside real-time data.

I would always recommend ABAX to other people – the impact on the business from the real-time map alone has been huge.

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