Simplifying processes through tool tracking and preventing overclaimed wages

Installing ABAX allowed this business to save more than £2000 annually on overclaimed wages, and wasted time spent locating vehicles and equipment out on the road.

Simplifying processes through tool tracking and preventing overclaimed wages

ABAX Solution: Tool Tracking & Vehicle tracking

With 40 employees operating across Merseyside and the West Midlands, drainage contractors EDS initially got in touch with the ABAX team because they needed to regain control over timesheets and wage overclaims.

Once the system was installed, the business was able to conduct monthly audits, across referencing time sheets with the vehicle location data, to ensure claims are accurate.

"The ABAX system saves me on average £200 a month in overclaimed wages."

However, it isn’t just the historical data collection that has afforded improvements within the business. EDS now report that they are able to provide a better level of customer due using live location data the ABAX emits every 5 seconds.

"If we have a call from a customer the Postcode search allows me to send the nearest vehicles and having a live map facilitates this."

The business requires the use of expensive tools and equipment, now tracked with the ABAX system for audit and infantry purposes. The system helps to remove many of the man hours previously required to carry out this task, meaning efficiency is increased and time can be spent on more valuable activities.

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