ISO Certifications at ABAX

Focusing on customers' needs regarding expected quality, environmental responsibility and data security.

Our key focus is satisfied customers. We have therefore developed a management system to ensure ISO-standards for quality, environmental and information security management.


We have developed a management system to ensure that we can meet demands from our customers, internally, from the authorities and the demands in the ISO-standards 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environment management) and 27001 (information security management).


ISO 9001 is the pillar of the ISO-family, and addresses quality management. We will supply stable, high quality products to our customers, thereby ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. We will fulfill the ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 standard requirements so our customers feel safe knowing they are dealing with a serious and responsible supplier, who takes into consideration the customers' needs of expected quality, environmental responsibility and customers' data security.

Our quality level must be a sensible balance between customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and costs.

ABAX' Quality Goals:

  • We will have the most happy and engaged employees in Europe, with > 80% satisfaction rates

  • The well-being inquiry takes place twice a year

  • We will have at least 80% satisfied customers

  • CSI/customer inquiries takes place annually 


ISO 14001 addresses environmental management. In ABAX, we want to contribute to the environment in a positive manner, and have therefore chosen certification according to this ISO-standard as an instrument in this regard. 

We take care of the environment in all our activities. We will always try to reduce our negative environmental impact and change it to a positive direction.

We will achieve this by:

  • Being aware of the impact of our activities in the environment from product development, manufacturing, distribution, utilisation and finally, recycling.

  • Valuing environmental issues during the development of new products and services.

  • Highlighting environmental issues in logistics and choice of partners.

  • Making our customers aware of their greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Fulfilling all relevant legal requirements.

  • Monitoring our environment performance and continuously setting up new goals.   


ISO 27001 addresses information security management. We record and store data on behalf of our customers. This is considered as personal information that must be treated according to the privacy act, and safeguarded in the best possible manner. By complying with this standard we secure methodical and continuous efforts in the area of information security. Through the process of adapting this standard, we have introduced a number of measures improving the information security level in the company. 

The goals of ABAX’ Information Security are:

  • Zero breaches that affect personal data in our production systems

  • Up-time in production systems over 99.5% 

We will continue to improve our processes in all of these areas to ensure that our customers can rely on doing business with a supplier who focuses on these matters and protects their interests.