ABAX Smart Mobility - Manage your fleet like never before

ABAX Smart Mobility provides you with total insight into your vehicles, machinery and tools, from the palm of your hand. We harness and analyse your data, empowering you to make informed decisions across your business - we help you become smarter.

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Fuelling smarter fleet decisions

ABAX Smart Mobility consolidates previously siloed data, seamlessly providing the 360˚ insight required to run an efficient, productive and profitable business that prioritises safety - in one platform.

Connect all vehicles, machinery, and tools to our ABAX platform to gain control in a glance, including data collected and analysed from approved third-party hardware and factory-fitted OEMs.

Smart means smart

How Smart Mobility benefits your business:

ABAX Smart Mobility

Save time

Increase profitable activity pink and blue graphic

Increase profitable activity. Intelligent software and consolidated data means inefficiency around route planning, asset location, driving behaviour, mileage claims and other labour-intensive tasks can be cut.

Eliminate wasted time pink graphic with lorries and driver data

Eliminate wasted time. Drivers and vehicles can be instantly located, while lost or mislaid tools and inventory can be identified using our app, cutting hours of search time – and lots of frustration.

Instantaneous responses that impress. Accurate mapping means precise delivery and collection times, while real-time data enables you to react and respond quickly should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Ensure compliance pink graphic with document, truck and kilometer data

Ensure compliance. Forget any last minute work and concerns about compliance, our mileage tracking and tax claim features are fully compliant meaning worries are a thing of the past.

ABAX Smart Mobility

Save money

Cut fuel spend and CO2 emissions blue graphic

Cut fuel spend and CO2 emissions. Actively monitor and report on idling, usage, driving behaviour and routes taken to reduce fuel spend and CO2 emissions.

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Inspection and maintenance reminders proactively reduce downtime and unwanted repair costs.

Protect against theft blue graphic

Protect against theft. Automatic alerts instantly tell you when an asset goes somewhere it shouldn't, and where it needs recovering from. Less money spent replacing assets or on increased premiums.

Reduce risk of unplanned costs blue graphic

Reduce risk of unplanned costs and fines. Encouraging safe driving, planned maintenance and total compliance reduces the risk of unplanned fines and costs.

ABAX Smart Mobility

Save resources

Prioritise safety green graphic

Prioritise safety. Keeping staff safe and looked after means you can retain a good team for far longer - plus safer drivers are far more cost-effective for your business!

Planning comes together green graphic

Planning comes together. Well-maintained assets last longer, allowing your business to operate at full capacity for years to come, while planning work around maintenance and servicing schedules keeps you organised and efficient.

Act sustainably machine with co2 data green graphic

Act sustainably. We can help you monitor tyre wear and tear and your CO2 emissions, meaning you have the data to act on when it comes to reducing your environmental impact.

Inventory control green graphic tools

Inventory control. Better inventory control and insight means fewer trips to retrieve lost assets, missed deliveries and collections.

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