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ABAX - Connectivity and digitalisation made easy

ABAX is at the forefront of a global revolution in telematics and IoT, redefining the contours of asset management with our groundbreaking SaaS platform. Our company is an incubator for progress, where innovation, sustainability, and enthusiasm are not just core values but the foundation of our corporate culture and what we offer our clients.

By creating our own sophisticated product line of both hardware and software, we set the standard for open and scalable systems within the industry. Our SaaS model, embedded in ABAX Global Network, is designed to be intuitive and flexible, facilitating a seamless integration of third-party technology. This paves the way for unmatched adaptability and growth for our clients' operations.

With over 42,000 clients and more than half a million subscriptions that continue to expand, our global presence is a clear sign of our commitment to driving the industry forward. We are not just a company providing tools for digitalization and automation; we are a partner dedicated to equipping businesses with the intelligence and efficiency needed to navigate and lead in the new business landscape.

As a leading global SaaS company, our vision is not only to maintain rapid growth but also to consistently exceed the expectations set by the global business climate. We become successful when our clients achieve their goals by using our SaaS technology in telematics and IoT. ABAX is not just participating in the future; we are actively creating it.

Emma Dyga


Financial Calendar

ABAX Financial Calendar
Quarter 4 Report 202329th February, 2024
Consolidated Accounts 202330th April, 2024
Quarter 1 Report 202431st May, 2024
Quarter 2 Report 202430th August, 2024
Quarter 3 Report 202429th November, 2024
Quarter 4 Report 202428th February, 2025



Emma Dyga


Emma Dyga Emma who did the Mastersprogram in Economy & Marketing from University of Stockholm joined ABAX in 2023 joined ABAX in 2023  from her previous role as Chief Operating Officer QNTM Group - an international unique group of MarTech and e-commerce companies, where she helped build, scale the business and develop the company’s operations. Prior to this, she served as CEO of APSIS, a digital marketing software provider. Dyga's appointment is set to strengthen ABAX's position in the telematics industry and propel the company's growth strategy.

John Håkansson

Chief Product Officer

John Håkansson started at ABAX in 2023. John holds two Master of Science degrees in Industrial Economics and Media Technology from Luleå University and brings extensive experience in product development from his previous role as VP Product at Optimizely, as well as leadership positions at companies like Fastly and Telia. His focus has been on developing leading B2B cloud services and contributing to the successful initiation and scaling of global product portfolios.

John Ole Moe

Chief Financial Officer


John Ole joined ABAX in 2022 as Interim CFO. He has more than 25 years of international business experience from IT, Hosting, Manufacturing & Professional services industry, with a genuine interest in financial management, turnarounds and value creation initiatives. He also has knowledge of the SaaS and subscription business and creates motivation and belonging to common goals and results.

Wan Luo

Chief Technology Officer

Wan Luo joined ABAX in 2019, bringing over 17 years of extensive experience in software development and leadership. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Trinity College Dublin. Wan has held strategic leadership roles and implemented innovative technologies throughout his career. At Fresco (formerly Drop), he served as the VP of Engineering, leading advancements in smart kitchen technologies. During his time at Verizon Connect (formerly Fleetmatics) as Head of Innovation, he led projects that significantly enhancing mobile strategies and technological capabilities. Wan's expertise in team leadership and technological transformation is now vital to ABAX's growth in telematics and IoT solutions.

Heikki Koivula

Chief Commercial Officer


Heikki has executive leadership experience in positions driving change and scaling up businesses, creating value through data & analytics innovations and fostering sustainability as a competitive advantage. Before joining ABAX, Heikki was building up the leading data & analytics services provider, Nordic publicly listed company Enento Group through M&A´s and growth acceleration from transformative innovations. 

Sofia Toll

Chief Marketing Officer


Sofia joined ABAX in 2022 as a Senior marketing executive with solid leadership experience within highly-matrixed, high-tech B2B corporations. A passion for driving coherent communication throughout the customer journey to activate the company brand. Successful record of growing pipeline and revenue through differentiated customer engagements and strategic partnerships. Value driven leadership style based on core values and empowerment of the team. Proven track record of building and developing high-performance teams.

Silje Berntsen Bogen

Chief People & Organization Officer

Silje joined ABAX in 2023 as Head of People, building up a new department focusing on architecting the best organization possible through strong leadership structures, talent acquisition practices, and retaining and developing the best talent in the industry. She holds a MSc in Leadership & Organizational Psychology, accompanied by studies of marketing and law. 

Silje has extensive experience from scaling organizations internationally, primarily within the tech/software industry. Her background also includes leadership positions from the mobility industry, as well as various C-level roles from early stage startups and scale-ups. 

Bruce Atle Karlsen

Chief Performance Officer


Atle has 25 years of experience in international organisations leading large-scale operations in Asia, the US, Africa and Europe. He joined ABAX in 2016 and has led the Performance and Compliance section since. Atle has a Master of Development Economics from UEA as well as an MBA from Oslo School of Leadership Studies (BI).