GPS trackers from ABAX helped to find stolen containers

Concerned about repeated thefts, owners of the Polish company WROEXPO decided to equip their containers with GPS trackers from ABAX. Only two days after the installation of GPS trackers, some of the containers were stolen. It took just a few hours to find them!

GPS trackers from ABAX helped to find stolen containers

When you run your own business, you must take care of many things and solve numerous problems. WROEXPO Sp.z o.o. faced a lot of thefts. What was stolen? Clothes containers. Therefore, the company’s losses were huge as they lost the metal containers along with their contents. 

The owner of WROEXPO turned to ABAX after repeated thefts of the company’s property. He did not want to incur any further losses. He knew that doing nothing would mean losing even more clothes containers. He had an impression that the thieves were clever and would not stop stealing.

Thieves had not predicted that containers were equipped with GPS trackers

Just two days after the installation of GPS trackers, two containers were stolen, but the thieves did not know about the installation of the tracking system in the containers they stole. Thanks to the ability to monitor the property, lost containers were found very quickly. The GPS and GSM technology helped to locate the stolen containers in Sweden, near Skurup.

Due to the location on the map, it was easy to establish the exact place where the containers were kept. Here they even found some of the containers that had been stolen previously. They were overjoyed. 

"The installation of GPS trackers from ABAX was an excellent investment!"

The use of modern technology allowed WROEXPO to locate its property. Now, the theft is being investigated by the police.

40 clothes containers equipped with GPS trackers

WROEXPO has equipped 40 containers with ABAX Equipment Control devices and its vehicles with ABAX Triplog.

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