Device Tracking

ABAX Locator

Keep track of essential tools with the ABAX Locator. Our user-friendly tracker for tools and equipment allows you to easily track your smaller assets such as saws, screwdrivers, ladders, and the other equipment you want to keep an eye on.

Blue disc cutter with smaller black tracker on it - linking to ABAX's tool tracking software.

All this is included

  • Don’t waste time searching for misplaced tools. Attach our tracker to important equipment and simply track their location in our app. The compact and sleek tracker is perfect for all types of tools - even the smallest.

Getting started

Graphic in blue showing a tool and tracking data being sent to the cloud using an arrow.


Attach the tracker

Attach the ABAX Mini tracker to the equipment you want to monitor, it’s easily done with the included M3 tape, holder, or magnetic mount (ordered separately). Log in to the app and name the device.

Graphic in blue showing tools and vehicles on a phone - representing tracking data being shown to user.


View your equipment directly in the app

Now you can easily see where all your tools are located in real time on the map and in the inventory list in the app. With the right tools in the right place, you save time and money.

"Now everything from a big tractor down to the last power tool, has a tracker on it and we can basically see where all our kit is on the same screen, which has obvious major benefits!"

Jon King, East Midlands Contracting

Why ABAX Locator?

Benefits of ABAX Locator

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Increased control

Gain full control of your tools with real-time maps and inventory lists. Save time, get a better overview, and more efficient equipment management.

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Reduced loss

Reduce the risk of theft and loss. Quickly retrieve tools and protect your investment. Avoid the hassle of replacing lost equipment.

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Increased efficiency

Automate inventory management and planning, and find the right tools directly with the map feature. Save time, increase productivity, and lower your costs.

Ready to get started or just want to know more?

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