ABAX helps surfacing company smooth out driving behaviour and reduce costs

Kent-based Parkes Utilities are reaping the benefits of ABAX’s tracking and telematics solutions when it comes to boosting business efficiency and driving behaviour.

ABAX helps surfacing company smooth out driving behaviour and reduce costs

With between 60-70 members of staff, the highways surfacing, maintenance and utilities company needed some help with smoothing out concerns over inaccurate time sheets as well as assistance in improving the customer experience.

Project Manager Justin Cooper said:

“Day to day I use the system for planning, and I can see who is finishing jobs ahead of schedule and am then able to direct them to another."

Justin Cooper, Project Manager

"I also use it to check driver location without having to constantly call them, as well as being able to update customers on arrival times to improve their experience.”

The tracker also allows the company to produce a daily mileage report in seconds – seen as hugely beneficial during current times of high fuel prices. Justin added:

“We lease a large number of our vehicles and the ABAX system allows me to change the tracker from one vehicle to another in no time at all - something I do can myself at no extra cost.”

Driver behaviour has also benefitted from the introduction of the multi-functional tracking system.

“One of the reasons that ABAX solutions were installed was to address the slight concern over misuse of vehicles and security. The tracking has allowed us to recover vehicles that may have gone missing in the past, as well as former employees claiming full day’s work when this hasn’t been the case. All our guys are now on time sheets, with the accurate ABAX software allowing us to cross reference any discrepancies if needed,” added Justin.

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