How Smart Mobility delivers insights that drive change

We've been turning data into action since 2003. Our Smart Mobility Platform helps customers leverage data from across their business and collate it to deliver insights that save them time, money, and resources.

Smart Mobility - Evolved fleet management

Connect your remote workforces with ABAX's intelligent software, bridging the gap between location, asset types, and manufacturers.

ABAX offers a seamlessly integrated solution that centralises data from various sources, including ABAX hardware, third-party, and OEM devices, making the role of fleet management much more efficient, and data-driven.

Explore our two core solution areas: Mobility Management and Mobility Data Services.


Mobility management - Vehicle tracking and management

Track and manage vehicle fleets to optimise routes, increase security and safety, reduce fuel costs, and enhance overall fleet efficiency.

Fleet management solutions
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Mobility management - Machine and equipment management

Remote monitoring of equipment such as industrial machinery, or agricultural machinery where real-time insights help prevent failures, optimise utilisation, and improve maintenance scheduling.

Machine and equipment management
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Mobility management - Asset tracking and management

Track high-value assets with real-time location tracking, Smart Inventory, and geofencing to help improve theft recovery, and save time.

Asset tracking solutions
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Mobility data services - Improve operations, save time and money

Built on your mobility data, we can give you access to new insights about your fleet, machinery and tools to help you improve operations, save time and money. Empowering you to do more with less.

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Mobility data services - Enabling Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

When you opt in to our TCO feature, you'll gain exclusive access to personalised, discounted data-driven services from our partners, such as usage based fleet insurance offers (in collaboration with partners).

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Smart Mobility - How it works

We leverage a range of tracking technology to provide service you can rely on. From driving behaviour scores to maintenance reminders, unlocking our Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) feature means access to unparalleled data and information about your fleet, giving the insights you need to optimise your operations.


Data collection

Signals emitted by our global tracking stations are picked up every five seconds through your ABAX hardware and sent direct to our Smart Mobility platform.

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Collated in the ABAX platform

Our cutting-edge platform not only consumes your data, it has the ability to collect, integrate and analyse data from any source, including our own hardware range, other companies’ hardware, OEMs, even other platforms.

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Real customer value

This means we can provide a deeper, richer output of data to you, serving up vital reports needed to help you make the right decisions for your company - whether that’s based on cost-efficiency, security, or both.

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Access to extra benefits

That’s not all, by working hard to leverage our Smart Mobility data, we are continually opening opportunities with new partners for your benefit – including reduced insurance premiums through usages based insurance (UBI).

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ABAX for admin - Putting you in control

Our Admin App provides an overview of live locations and historic trips of every asset in your fleet - all from the palm of your hand. With our open API, you can easily oversee your entire fleet while extending value to insurance, leasing, tyres, and parking, making it a holistic solution for optimising vehicles, machinery, tools, and e-mobility devices.


Full status overview

Whether its on the move, sat idle or being used - you have full transparency. You can monitor driving behaviour, ensuring drivers are navigating the roads in a safe manner, enabling you to quickly spot any issues and provide additional training for those drivers who may need it.

Fleet management solutions
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Live location feed

Accurate locations, updated every 10 seconds. Download reports based on areas you create and replay any vehicles trips in the map. You can also divert drivers around bad traffic, pre-empting loss of productivity and ensuring your business continues to tick over as it should.

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Route optimisation

Track where your drivers are and choose the closest ones to a new job. Simply search and re-route your nearest vehicles to emergency assignments and improve customer service by providing accurate delivery times.

Fleet management solutions
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Quickly identify assets

No more lost or misplaced tools, all assets can be assigned to a vehicle, immediately located and accounted for.

Asset tracking and inventory
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ABAX for drivers - Connectivity is just a tap away

Promoting driver safety, efficiency and compliance, ABAX is your digital personal assistant, allowing drivers to concentrate on what they do best - get the job done.


Compliant digital tracking

Our Driver ID feature allows drivers to allocate themselves to a vehicle. We can then keep a record of mileage, compiling it into a report for you to use later when filling out those important claims forms for HMRC.

Fleet management solutions
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Submit trips from your phone

Just set the purpose and choose from personal or private trips, then sit back and let us do the rest.

Fleet management solutions
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Monitor driving styles

Harsh braking, acceleration, cornering and idling can all be identified. When a vehicle tracking device is installed on a vehicle, those behind the wheel typically drive slower and within the speed limit, as they realise they are being monitored. This can help to reduce risk and improve the safety of your fleet drivers while out on the road.

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Never leave a tool behind

Do the vehicles in your fleet have standardised inventories? Smart Inventory allows you to allocate tools to a vehicle , ensuring you never mix tools up again and can search for nearby assets before leaving a site. Something left behind? We'll send you an alert.

Asset tracking and inventory
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