Improving costs, employee morale and customer satisfaction for a plant hire business

Learn how this plant hire business used the accurate data from their ABAX system to reduce machine downtime and gain more accurate details of employee time tracking.

Improving costs, employee morale and customer satisfaction for a plant hire business

ABAX Solution: Plant Tracking

Slough-based plant hire business JB Locations found they were wasting precious time on activities that didn’t provide much commercial value. Between chasing busy employees to determine their location or ringing customers to confirm the collection location for plant and machinery – they needed a system that provided greater visibility across the entire plant fleet, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

The accuracy provided through the ABAX system has led to several benefits being realised. Through having instant visibility of all items located in the yard, the business can immediately:

  • Identify if it can fulfil a new order

  • Give accurate updates on when items will be delivered or collected

  • Charge accurately based on machine hours of operation

"I would always recommend ABAX - the system is far more accurate than other systems we have used."

An additional benefit is job satisfaction levels for both staff and sub-contractors. The ABAX system removes the need for regular phone calls from the office enquiring on their whereabouts, instead of giving staff the autonomy to accurately plan their day and routes as well as being able to easily identify the location of their next collection point for themselves.

Prior to the system being installed, it wasn’t uncommon for drivers to arrive to collect plant and machinery, only to find that it had been moved to another location. Of course, this has also led to reduced fuel costs and wasted labour hours.

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