Mileage tracking results in improved business efficiency and tax savings for staff

National industrial automation company, FANUC Ltd., choose ABAX Fleet for the accuracy and ease of accurately tracking and recording mileage.

FANUC Ltd warehouse with multiple rows of yellow machinery

ABAX Fleet's business mileage tracking feature offers 100% accuracy as well as being HMRC compliant.

FANUC Ltd. employs over 145 staff in the UK. Of these employees, those who have opted out of the fuel Benefit in Kind (BIK) for mileage allowance, now have ABAX Fleet installed in their vehicles.

Staff are required to submit monthly reports to ensure that all fuel for private mileage is paid for by the drivers themselves - a task made simple with ABAX Fleet:

“The ABAX system provides us with the necessary information to do this (reporting) and meets HMRC requirements. This has resulted in tax savings for the employees and savings to for company too. We no longer pay for private mileage and make savings on employers’ National Insurance contribution costs associated with the fuel BIK.”


Utilising both the software and hardware solutions, users like FANUC can rest assured that they have the best way of getting an accurate record of their journey and mileage claims under the business mileage claim option.

Key features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking on how many miles drivers are travelling daily and the option to look for more efficient routes to cut back on time and fuel.

  • Data is updated in real-time, meaning there is no delay and you can see each mile tick over as your driver navigates the road.

  • The data collection is HMRC compliant and automatically calculated. Paperless records are also stored for up to seven years, which means should HMRC need to look at any old records for an investigation, you will have this ready to present.

  • All mileage records are automatically calculated and compiled to make the process as easy as possible, saving you money and time.

  • You can manage your entire fleet on the go with the ABAX Driver app which can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet.

ABAX Fleet - Combining multiple data points into one simplified central platform, we help businesses across UK and Europe to optimise and streamline fleet management.

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