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ABAX is transforming telematics with mobility data insights, that empower people to do more with less. We create added value for our customers by helping them manage their businesses smarter, so they can save time, resources, and money. 

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Empowering people to do more with less

ABAX is transforming telematics with mobility data insights. We help businesses with mobile workforces and assets across a wide range of industries to reduce costs, optimise operations, and improve sustainability, efficiency, and safety. 

Our mission is to create added value for our customers by helping them manage their businesses smarter so they can reduce risk, save time, resources, and money.

Our history

ABAX was founded in the small Norwegian town of Larvik in 2007 with the aim of revolutionising a tedious manual task: to make it easier for customers to handle their vehicle mileage records.

Our founders saw an opportunity to provide a simple solution: first-class fleet tracking, using high-quality GPS positioning. The idea was hugely successful and built the foundation for ABAX as it is today.

Over the years, that start-up has evolved into a significant Software as a Service (SaaS) company, with 44,000 customers across eight countries, and more than 500,000 assets connected to the ABAX Smart Mobility platform.

Since the start, ABAX customers have tracked 23 billion kilometres of driving, equivalent to 29,000 trips to the moon and back.

ABAX today - driving continual growth

Headquartered in Larvik, Norway, ABAX is now one of the largest telematics companies in Europe.

We operate across Northern Europe, with over 300 employees working from our offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the UK.

Our primary markets are businesses with mobile workforces and assets, such as commercial vehicles (LCVs), machines and tools. Vehicles in particular play an essential role in the European economy and number around 40M in EU22/23. This number is expected to grow by 4.5% annually in the coming years.

Our Data Agnostic approach

ABAX envisions a future where mobility data serves as a catalyst for growth, innovation and transformation for all businesses.

To realise this vision, we have developed a cutting-edge, open, data-agnostic mobility data platform. This means it can seamlessly collect, integrate, and analyse data from diverse sensors and manufacturers including ABAX devices, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and partners. 

Through the consolidation of data from multiple sensors and devices into a central platform, we unlock the power of advanced insights and enable the creation of customised, value-added services.

By leveraging the potential of mobility data, we drive innovation and facilitate transformative change in the industry.

Our office locations

Leading from the front, in offices across Europe and Scandinavia.

Hammergata 20,
NO-3264 Larvik
993098736 MVA

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