Landscaping firm boosts its business security and driver safety thanks to ABAX solutions

Better business efficiency, enhanced driver safety and improved customer care have all been chalked up by a Milton Keynes-based landscaping firm after enlisting the assistance of ABAX.

Landscaping firm boosts its business security and driver safety thanks to ABAX solutions

Working out of three locations, and employing 40 staff, Turney Landscapes acted on a recommendation to partner up with ABAX to look at ways of saving the business time, money and create better engagement with clients.

By opting for the comprehensive fleet vehicle tracking solution, the company has been able not only to monitor driving behaviour and vehicle usage but increase security on its plant equipment.

The easy to install tracking technology allows the hard and soft landscaping business to reduce out of hours usage of the vehicles – leading to lower fuel bills and less wear and tear on the vehicles themselves.

Customers are kept informed of the drivers’ whereabouts in a more efficient and professional way, and the system also offers peace of mind should a driver face an emergency situation.

Project Coordinator Michelle Pratt explained: "Lots of our employees take vehicles home with them so we are now able to monitor out of hours usage. "

“The monitoring of our drivers’ behaviour also leads to cost effectiveness in the areas of servicing and the need to buy fewer parts for the vehicles."

Michelle Pratt, Project Coordinator

“If we have an emergency, the fact that we can input a postcode of the location allows us to locate the nearest other available driver so they can provide assistance.

“From a customer service point of view, we are able to tell the customer the exact whereabouts of the driver by using the accurate mapping feature – thus avoiding the need to call the drivers on their phones.”

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