Tracking of Devices

ABAX Smart Inventory

Ensure your vehicles are always properly equipped and prepared for the next task. Tracking tools is easy with ABAX's automated inventory system, you'll have full visibility of where your tools are and in which vehicle.

Two construction workers on break, sat behind van with tools on the floor

All this is included

  • Don’t waste time searching for misplaced tools. Attach our tracker to important equipment and simply track their location in the app. The compact and sleek tracker is perfect for all types of tools - even the smallest.

Getting started

Graphic in blue and pink showing tool location on map available on ABAX app


Connect the equipment

Attach the ABAX Mini tracker to your equipment using the included 3M tape, holder, or magnetic mount (ordered separately). Log in to the app and name the device.

Graphic in blue showing a tool inventory including a ladder and tool box.


Track in the app

Through the app, you can now see in real-time where all your tools are located, both on the map and in the inventory list. Save time and money with the right tools in place.

Graphic in blue and pink showing tools and the vehicle they are assigned to available on ABAX app


Create tool inventories

Now you can easily allocate up to 20 tools per vehicle. Receive notifications if tools are left behind or located outside the vehicle.

"Prior to the ABAX system, we had no way of knowing where a piece of equipment had gone after being assigned to a driver. The tracking now allows us to monitor the whereabouts of these assets when assigned to a driver and a vehicle.”

Operations Manager, McCann Ltd

Why ABAX Smart Inventory?

Benefits of ABAX Smart Inventory

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Reduce loss and theft

Protect your valuable assets from theft and loss through continuous monitoring, live tracking, and notifications.

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Save time and money

Our customers spend an average of 38 hours per employee annually searching for equipment. Gain better control, reduce unnecessary trips, and spend less time searching for tools.

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Improved overview

With ABAX Smart Inventory, you get a complete overview of where your tools are located, whether they're in the workshop, in the vehicle, at the construction site, or with a customer.

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