Smart tracking in logistics and transport sector

Logistics is about delivering high quality. Did you know that data insights will help you improve your customer service and save you money? Read on to get tips on how to become more efficient. As the years have gone by, telematics has become critical to the industry's success, making fleets interconnected in ways that were impossible before.

Route Planning can be time consuming

Optimised route planning is essential to providing transportation services at a world-class level. Getting detailed information on both historical and live positions is very helpful when improving your transportation services.

  • Real-time and historical data on positions
  • Better flow of goods   
  • Identifying the nearest van or truck to a pickup location 
  • Have a complete overview of delivery times to your customers 
  • Easily manage trips and allocate accurate rest hours
  • Improve your overview of subcontractors

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Shortage and safety of drivers

Your drivers are the most valuable assets your company has. Not only do they represent you while they’re on the road, they also need to make key decisions in a short amount of time. Empower them with ABAX.

  • Track driving behaviour within your fleet
  • Drivers are given tips on how to improve
  • Minimize the risk of breakdowns in your fleet with an inspection plan

Poor customer service

Failed or late delivery of goods will have a negative impact on your brand and the customer experience.
GPS tracking and the best sensors will help you pick the shortest route and respond to customers in a better way.


  • High-quality sensors for exact positions  
  • Improve the routes for faster delivery
  • Inform your customer about delays
  • Help to deal with customer complaints through delivery data 

Identify the driver doing each delivery

Wouldn’t it be great to know which driver to contact for each delivery? Telematics solutions allow fleet managers to keep track of exact vehicle/driver locations at any time. 

  • Identify driving styles  
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Track contact points during Covid breakouts 
  • Improved route planning
  • Know which driver is closest to an upcoming task

Wasting fuel

Fuel spend is the second largest fixed expense for fleets and comprises over half of the total operating cost. An increase in gas prices or wasteful idling can have a major financial impact on your business. Read on to learn how a telematics solution can help your fleet optimize fuel usage.   

  • Stop unauthorized driving during weekends  
  • Track and decrease idling among drivers 
  • Improve general driving behaviour among your drivers
  • Report on CO2 emissions with the Environmental Report data
  • Easily monitor idling costs or use reports for detailed insights   
  • Stop wasting fuel on unauthorised drop-offs

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