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Optimise the management and coordination of your fleet, reduce wasted time and cost, and minimise risk with an accurate and comprehensive fleet tracking system, used by hundreds of logistics businesses across the UK.


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The boom in logistics requires accurate and simple fleet tracking software

The growth of ecommerce has increased pressure and demand on logistics businesses, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. With this boom comes the need for greater visibility and control over growing fleets of vans and drivers – and you need a system that can offer you this in a quick, clear and simple one-pane view.

The ability to accurately identify the location of each van in your fleet in real time - in just one
screen - has transformed the visibility and operational efficiency of logistics and transport companies across the UK.

The ability to plan routes more strategically improves fuel management. Greater visibility results in increased efficiency and less fuel being used unnecessarily on trips. It also has a positive impact on customer service, with the ability to provide accurate details on arrival and collection times through live map data.

Join other logistics, transport and courier businesses using ABAX fleet tracking software to improve business operations, improve customer service and increase their bottom line.

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Maintenance and servicing for the logistics industry

Reduce vehicle downtime – through a number of data points

Whether through poor route planning, driver behaviour or inefficiency over vehicle maintenance issues, a robust and data-led van tracking system can provide a solution that yields both immediate and long-term benefits.

Using mileage and usage data, along with driver behaviour tracking, you can better plan for vehicle servicing and maintenance, and schedule operations and capacity in advance. By tracking driver behaviour, you can intervene with training and incentivise great driving – improving staff morale, reducing tyre wear and tear and associated unnecessary fuel wastage.

  • Schedule maintenance reminders
  • Get usage logs for vans sent directly to you
  • Know where all your vehicles are at all times
  • Calculate service and maintenance based on actual usage, not just running time
  • Set up virtual tripwires
  • Balance utilisation between vehicles in the fleet

Since installing ABAX, we have complete visibility over the fleet and can quickly respond and react to any issues that may arise – providing far better customer service.

- Prime Parcel Services Ltd.

Accurate location data for positive customer experiences

Delight customers and improve brand reputation

In an age of instant gratification, it’s important for businesses of all size and stature to be equipped, to be responsive, accurate and transparent – and you need the right tools and software that allow this.

Real-time tracking that is compounded into historical data means you can provide precise answers for customers when it comes to location and collection or delivery times, but it also means you can use that data for long-term operational and route planning and efficiency. Using vehicle tracking systems like ABAX helps to turn customers into strong brand advocates and repeat business.

  • See which drivers are available and the closest to the next job
  • Send messages in the app to one or more drivers
  • See traffic events within the map and notify your drivers
  • Monitor driver behaviour and driving styles

ABAX has a instant live map so this ensures we are better in our responses to customers. It's such an easy system and makes us efficient as a company day to day.

- Duplex Care Ltd

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Driver wellbeing in the logistics industry

How employees benefit from fleet tracking systems

Far from the ‘Big Brother’ perception, fleet tracking software enables businesses to take care of their drivers’ wellbeing. Through monitoring locations and movements and better route planning, your business can improve the daily employee experience and ensure staff are taking rest breaks.

It’s usual for multiple drivers to share multiple vans over the course of weeks and months – our Driver ID feature allows for full visibility over areas such as:

  • Driver ID will identify the driver at all times
  • Know which driver got the parking ticket
  • Balance utilisation between vehicles in the fleet
  • Access usage data per vehicle and per driver
  • See which drivers are available and the closest to the next job
  • Send messages in the app to one or more drivers

The ABAX system helps us with control of the business, with the live map I see where the drivers are, so the system makes me more efficient as a boss.

- Cardiff Cars Ltd

Lowering fuel spend, unauthorised usage & labour costs

Improve profitability and identify wasted costs

Fuel spend is the second largest fixed expense for fleets and often comprises over half of the total operating cost. Achieving full transparency and control over this is game changing for small and large businesses alike.

Through a fleet tracking system, logistics and courier businesses can achieve visibility over activity that increases this bill such as vehicle idling, unauthorised vehicle and van usage and drop-offs, poor route planning, poor driver behaviour and mismanaged vehicle maintenance.

By identifying areas of improvement when it comes to unnecessary expense in a business, the financial impact can be reduced - and bottom line increased.

  • Get in control of your total fleet risk
  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs

construction emissions reporting SECR

ABAX allows us to check a vehicle at any given time, we make sure the hours are correct with the manual hours that are logged in case of any discrepancies, we use speeding alerts to warn the drivers about their driving behavior.

- RC Finishing Ltd

JH Wright Haulage customer case study

"ABAX has given us value in the fact that we can live track the lorries which gives us a more efficient load time."

- JH Wright Haulage

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We have developed our telematics solutions to meet the unique needs of logistics businesses. Products with extended battery life, 60-second refresh rate on real-time data, predictive maintenance, anti-tamper protection and customised geofencing offer peace of mind.

Whether you want to track expensive assets and vehicles, enhance route planning through usage reports, better monitor fuel bills and payroll or easily locate lost goods – our mobility data and telematic solutions can help.

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