Use your asset one year longer!

That sounds like an easy thing to say, right, but is it easy to do, and why will this be important? 

As mentioned previously, the legacy business models we have, in financing/ leasing, insurance and rental (to mention just a few) do NOT incentives good usage of your assets, it only incentivises consumption on a too regular basis! We need to reduce the consumption of material assets, and to do that we need to incentivise better behaviour!

How ABAX will look after your equipment and machinery

What happens when we incentivise drivers to drive better by connecting the main costs to HOW you drive?

  1. Wear and tear of your asset is being reduced, through reduction of sharp cornering, harsh breaking and violent driving behaviour in general.
  2. You stop idling and mindless emission because you become aware of what that does to the world. 
    ABAX Sustainable Solutions Reduce Idling

  3. You get a better and more fair insurance premium based on how YOU drive, and not on how someone like you would have driven.
  4. You get a great financing/ leasing deal because the leasing company know you will be driving like a model citizen. 
  5. You reduce the current spend on accidents (time and actual physical damage) of between 3-5% of national GDP!!
  6. You reduce human cost of accidents, and the societal costs that goes with that. 

Read more about usage-based insurance

Similar arguments could be made for larger machines, construction equipment, tools and other moveable assets, but that is for another post.

Can telematics help you prolong the life of your assets? You bet!

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