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Extend the duration of your tyres to reduce fleet operational costs

Did you know that tyres in electric cars wear up to 30% faster than tires in ICE cars? Save on replacing them thanks to better driving style by all of your fleet drivers. Thanks to a telematics device that guarantees the Driving Behavior service, your employees will drive better and your tyres will wear slower. Reduce your company's expenses on tyre replacement, servicing and Total Cost of Ownership for all your fleet vehicles, EVs or ICEs.

A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely is better for your pocket and the environment. Assessing the use of telematics for fleet tracking, the Department for Transport’s Energy Saving Trust states that: “In one study of company car drivers, a telematics system identified a 50% difference in fuel economy being achieved in identical cars over similar journeys. Much of the excess fuel use was down to driving style, including excessive speed and harsh acceleration. By improving fuel economy and reducing time spent idling, a business can reduce its emissions and costs.”

Better driving prolongs the usage of vehicle tyres and is both an environmental and a financial incentive for any business.

The research from AA fleet and DriveTech confirms: “Drivers who never braked harshly or only occasionally, incurred tyre costs averaging £172 per annum whereas the costs of tyres for more persistent harsh braking was around £283 per annum, an increase of £111 or 73% in costs. Harsh acceleration and deceleration costs also directly impacted tyre spend negatively. Additionally, the total two-year maintenance spend was found to increase significantly (up to 160%) dependent on the number of maximum throttle ‘floor to the floor’ events.”

Time for Driving Behavior

If you are driving a fleet of electric cars, your tyres will need to be replaced more frequently. Why? The battery in an electric car weighs several hundred kilograms, and the electric motor has a high torque, which causes faster acceleration. The above factors have a negative impact on the service life of tyres, causing tires to wear up to 30% faster than tires on gasoline cars, as shown in the Continental Tire Report in Germany.

Couple this with bad driving as identified by the above studies, and your TCO costs will quickly outweigh the benefits of switching to EV fleet.

The solution is to install the ABAX Driving Behavior service in company cars. The product allows you to get a detailed view of drivers' driving data. Thanks to this, the fleet manager can check if the given driver is not accelerating / braking too rapidly, causing faster wear of the tyres.

This knowledge is used to provide drivers with constructive feedback and training - it allows them to change their behavior behind the wheel, saving the company a lot of money due to frequent tyre changes.

More benefits of ABAX Driving Behavior

Driving Behavior is one of the most popular ABAX products. It not only allows you to get statistics on acceleration and braking, but also clearly indicates how much time the car spent idling (especially relevant today with the ever-increasing fuel costs). The mere reduction of idling allows the company to save a lot of money on fuel.

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In addition, this knowledge can also be used to change drivers' habits, such as driving multiple trips to / from the parts warehouse, which helps your business run more efficiently.

Whether your fleet consists of electric cars or petrol / diesel cars, ABAX Driving Behavior helps you reduce costs and quickly increase your company's profitability, especially in four areas:

  • Less idling = lower fuel and service costs
  • Greater environmental awareness among drivers = a positive impact on the company's reputation
  • Drivers drive better, which reduces the number of accidents involving company cars
  • Lower car insurance premiums


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