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Tired of misplacing your power tools and portable equipment? Then tool and equipment tracking software could be the answer, allowing you to keep tabs on your assets at all times.

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“Our smallest GPS tracker, the ABAX Mini, is a perfect fit to manage all of your valuable tools and equipment and to ensure you always have the last known position of them.”

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How does ABAX tool tracking software work?

ABAX tool tracking software requires a device, attached to your tools that uses GPS to track where your equipment is at any given time.

The location of your assets will appear on the same Google integrated map as your vehicles and/or equipment – keeping all your tracking needs in one system visible even on your mobile.

The unit uses Bluetooth and the ABAX Global Network for location reporting. This means that if the unit is within a 35-metre range of ABAX hardware, like the ABAX5, either yours or another ABAX customer’s, its position will automatically update in your system.

Our tool tracking devices are very easy to install yourself, which means you can start tracking your tools at a time that is convenient for you without having to organise appointments with engineers. This video will help you carry out the installation yourself.

The small, but robust unit fits almost any asset, tool and equipment. With this compact asset tracker, losing power tools and portable equipment can be a thing of the past. It gives you complete control and is the perfect tracking solution for expensive power tools and portable equipment belonging to your company.

Is the tool tracking device discreet?

Yes, the robust, compact unit is the size of a matchbox (40x31x14 mm) and is the perfect companion for your power tools and portable equipment. Our smallest tracking unit can be discreetly mounted in two minutes and with a 3-year battery life will ensure you never misplace or lose assets again.

Easy to mount

The device is easy to mount onto your tools. You will be provided with a mounting bracket, cable ties, VHB tape and a magnetic jacket - all you need is a drill! The magnetic jacket allows you to quickly and easily attach your ABAX mini to your chosen tool or piece of equipment, for everything else cable ties can be looped through and used to secure the device in place. We’ve created an in-depth video here with step by step instructions.

How can tool tracking help your business?

Tool tracking can support your business by ensuring tools and equipment are monitored at all times, reducing loss and increasing the chances of recovery should anything be stolen. Here, we’ve taken a look at the many benefits that your business could enjoy should you choose an ABAX tracking system for your tools and equipment.

Enjoy easier reporting

We like to keep things as simple as possible and so our tool tracking software works hard to automatically compile data in an easy to digest format for you. Our automatic reports can help when it comes to filing tax returns but they can also give you an overview of where your tools have been and at what time of day they’ve been in use.

Track maintenance and repairs

It’s important that tools are kept well maintained, with regular services booked into the calendar. With tool tracking, you can manage when tools are used and how often to prevent depreciation over time and can prevent them from being checked out when they’re due maintenance or repairs. This ensures your workforce isn’t using tools that aren’t fit for the job and your equipment is kept in good condition.

Track tool transfers between plants

If your tools have to travel between plants, it’s imperative that you have a means for tracking them. This ensures nothing is lost along the way and everything reaches its final destination as intended.

You can track hours used and miles travelled

Our tool tracking software means you can closely track how many hours a day your tools and equipment are used for higher invoices and how far they have to travel to sites and plants.

Check tools in and out of locations, employees or containers

Yes, the robust, compact unit is the size of a matchbox (40x31x14 mm) and is the perfect companion for your power tools and portable equipment. Our smallest tracking unit can be discreetly mounted in two minutes and with a 3-year battery life will ensure you never misplace or lose assets again.

Receive theft alerts

Should the worst happen and your tools or equipment be stolen, enjoy peace of mind that you’ll receive an alert and can track its whereabouts via GPS. You can set live updates every 60 seconds with a wired tool tracking device. With the option to create virtual geofences you’ll receive an alert via text if the unit is tampered with or leaves your chosen area without authorisation beforehand. This means you’ll know immediately if your tools have been stolen and can alert the authorities as necessary to improve your chances of having them returned.

It can help you save money

With the reduced likelihood of theft, the cost of insurance that covers your tools will likely cost less as there is a lower risk. You’ll also save money as you reduce tool usage when they require maintenance or service, ensuring they don’t break and cost money to replace.

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