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ABAX Mini2




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Vehicles and EV
Machine tracking
Tool tracking
Non-powered equipment
Trailer tracking
Driver ID
Environmental reporting
Live map & GeoFence
Leasing & insurance management

ABAX6S - Our most versatile GPS tracker

An IoT gateway connecting all company assets within one platform. The ABAX6S IoT Gateway is ideal for monitoring all types of vehicles, vans, trailers, heavy equipment and high-value mobile assets.

  • Vehicles - all brands and types
  • Trailers for live trailer tracking
  • Powered assets
  • Single usage logging for all powered assets
  • Service and maintenance for heavy equipment and high-value mobile assets.

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ABAX MINI2 - Tool and asset tracker

Smaller is better! We have built our smallest tracker at only 19 x 43 x 6.5 mm, meaning it can be added to even your smallest of assets. The MINI2 is ideal for monitoring location of all types of equipment, power tools and mobile assets.

  • Ideal for power tools or portable equipment
  • Perfect for construction equipment
  • Non Powered assets
  • Everything that goes in and out of a vehicle or is in range of other ABAX IoT gateways

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ABAX6U - Temporary monitoring

The ABAX6U IoT Gateway is ideal for temporary monitoring of all types of vehicles, vans, trailers and powered assets with USB or 12V port. The ABAX6U makes temporary tracking so easy, ensuring consistent operating efficiency for your business at all times, as well as the ability for continued asset recovery. It is part of our IoT global network which combines asset tracking and fleet management.

  • Vehicles - all brands and types
  • Powered assets as long they have USB/12V
  • Works as a hub for the ABAX MINI’s on a construction site or in a warehouse

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ABAX6M - Heavy machinery

Ideal for monitoring usage and location of all types of heavy machines, trailers and heavy equipment. ABAX6M enables improved operating efficiency, asset recovery, and streamlined service and maintenance platform with 3 different inputs. It is part of ABAX IoT global network that combines asset tracking and service and maintenance module solutions in a single platform.

  • Service and maintenance for heavy equipment and high value mobile assets
  • Usage logging with 3 separate inputs for all powered assets
  • For all machines with intermittent power supply
  • Trailers for live trailer tracking
  • Powered assets
  • Road maintenance to monitor usage log for sanding, salting, snow removal etc.

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Do you have a fleet of vehicles used by several drivers? Are you able to identify which drivers have driven in which vehicles? Combined with the ABAX6S the RFID 2.0 reader hardware will enable you to manage your fleet more effectively.

  • Shared fleet
  • Track usage
  • Identify the driver
  • Gain insight with Driver ID
  • Optimise your fleet

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ABAX6L - tracker for non powered assets

Designed to monitor your mobile devices without a power supply, ABAX6L requires no installation and can be easily glued or mounted with a steel cage for extra protection. With a waterproof cover and long battery life, an ABAX6L is always on duty when you are not present. The device is rechargeable and therefore has a very long life.

  • Inspection routines for heavy equipment and high-value mobile assets
  • For all types machines where power supply is not available
  • Trailers for location tracking
  • Non Powered Assets

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The perfect GNSS vehicle tracker for a hidden fleet monitoring under the hood. Easy to mount directly on the battery and the big antenna ensure strong signals.

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