Define geographic areas to help track and protect all company equipment

Time consuming to manage all company assets? tricky to remember where all your valuables is are located? - it’s easy to get full control of your assets by creating a digital fence also known as Geofence.

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Benefits of using Geofence

Geofencing is a location-based service that creates and tracks assets in virtual boundaries. Using GPS technology along with dedicated software, ABAX tracks when your equipment and tools enter or leave your area. The ABAX software will automatically send out alerts and notifications about the areas that you need to monitor.

  • Track assets within a pre-defined Geofence area 
  • Get notified when your valuables breach your Geofences 
  • Report entry and departure times within your areas 
  • Enable active tracking mode if theft should occur 

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Accurate positions all the time

The technology within the tracker unit uses both GPS and GSM positioning to provide you the most accurate positions. The signals strength is strong and communicates directly with our servers and reports back its current location. Ideally with clear view to the sky, but also to relocate equipment and tools within a building through GSM signals

car an signal strenght

excavator breaching a geofence

Knowing what site your assets are located

Out popular geofence features make it easy to define the areas by naming the constructions sites, making it even clearer where to find your valuables. Some construction companies have weekly inventory check to make sure all the valuable assets are located at that exact construction site using ABAX Geofence makes that job so much easier.

Reports on entry and departure times within your areas

At ABAX we have a lot of reports all designed to reduce the workload for you and your manager. Our Equipment time in area report displays the time of entry, time of exit, total time in the area and the time since the last visit areas through Equipment time in Area Report. The report is great for accurate invoicing or to get the correct number of working hours for both employees and equipment a pre-set area.

Notifications - Extra safety boundary for your assets

Your tools and machines are expensive - and with the current economic climate even more popular amongst dishonest people. Protect your assets by receiving an SMS notification when it moves out of your geofence. Allow you and your team to act fast by informing the police and give yourself the best chance of recovering the company valuables.

Case studies

Not sure where to use a geofence? Our customers are quite creative in their use – We have seen them over offices, work sites, warehouses, factories, farmland even over a whole town. Do not hear it from us, look at how other customers benefits from this feature.

“We were very lucky to have been able to recover our excavator, with thanks to the ABAX tracking unit being installed”

Paul McGowan , APL Construction

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