ABAX kalustonvalvontalaitteelle suunniteltu metallikehikko

Extra Asset Protection For Rugged Conditions

Winter is coming, and from experience we know that the winter weather takes its toll on machinery and equipment. 

The Equipment Control units you have mounted are also more exposed in the cold, rugged and at times extreme winter.

Did you ABAX has a specially designed steel cage that protects your devices from falling off, smashed or dislodged without compromising GPS-signal.

Made inhouse

Did you know that we have developed our very own cages? To make sure the steel do not interfere with the antenna vi ha designed and developed the cages ourselves. 

The cage can be mounted with our one way tampering screws that will make it extra hard to demount and is available for both small and large battery driven Equipment Control units.

The 3 mm thick steel cage is a must-have if:

  • your equipment operates in demanding, rugged conditions (e.g. excavator grab, aggregate)
  • you want an extra layer of protection for your valuable assets


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Watch the video where we take the cage out for a test drive

Long battery lifetime and accurate GPS

if you only need 1 position on your device per day, the device with a small battery pack now lasts 2240 days, while the device with a large battery pack lasts 4480 days. The benefit of this is of course that the interval of changing batteries becomes much longer.

We are seeing many customers finding the position of machinery and equipment to be spot-on in the map.

Chris Miller, ABAX UK


  • The small battery pack is size 86x63x20mm and weighs only 130 grams.
  • The device with a large battery pack is size 145x63x20mm and weighs only 230 grams.

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