Telematics Glossary

Are you new to the connected car and telematics world? We’ve put together some key phrases that you will most likely stumble across when exploring further.

What is GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking is the ability to monitor the location of an object by attaching a GPS tracking device to the object, whether this is a car, an animal etc.


What is a Geofence?

A geofence is an area in which can be monitored virtually. If an object moves out of a certain range, an individual will receive a message/notification that the object is outside the permitted range.


What is an Interface?

An interface is an online management dashboard which enables customers to interact with a computer to access specific things, such as their mileage claims.


What is Digital Mileage capture?

Digital mileage capture is the ability to log and separate business and private mileage with the use of a digital system.


What does Self-installation mean?

Self-installation means the ability to install a product without needing a technician to install it. Being able to install your own tracking unit to your vehicle, reduces the vehicle down time and install and de-install costs.


What does On Board Diagnostics (OBD) mean?

A system that is able to self-diagnose and report about a vehicle or machinery - for example, operational hours vs running hours or error codes.


What is a ULEV vehicle?

An Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle is a motor vehicle that emits extremely low levels of emissions.


What are Advisory Fuel Rates (AFRs)?

Advisory Fuel Rates are the rates at which business fuel is paid back in a company car pence per mile.

What is Benefit In Kind (BIK)?

Benefit in Kind is a tax paid against a vehicle to allow private use.


What does Fully-expensed Fuel Benefit mean?

When a company pays for the fuel of all private trips made in a company vehicle.

What is classed as a Permanent Workplace?

A permanent workplace is a fixed location where the company resides, (i.e.) their office or workshop.

What is a Temporary Workplace?

A temporary workplace is a workplace to perform a task of limited duration or temporary purpose.


What is a RFID?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification – this is a key that attaches to a RFID reader to identify the driver of the vehicle if there are multiple drivers in the same company vehicle.

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