ABAX Driving Behaviour

Fleet monitoring that reduces your cost

Our solutions allows you to track how your drivers are navigating the road, reducing overall risk and ensuring company driving policies are being adhered.

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What are the advantages of using Driving Behaviour?

ABAX Driving Behaviour gives you the insight you need to improve how your drivers use each vehicle day-to-day. A fleet that is driven efficiently and safely costs less overall in fuel and servicing, is greener and has fewer accidents.

Here, we’ve featured the numerous ways your business can benefit from tracking driver behaviour day-to-day.

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A better driving style results in lower fuel consumption.

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Reduces the the risk of accidents and serious incidents in traffic.

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Creates a driver score, perfect for internal competitions.

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An improved driving style will result in less wear and tear.

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Measure the number of hours your vehicles are idling.

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Less idle driving reduces your carbon footprint.

It saves you money

A good flow in traffic will reduce your operation and maintenance costs. With Driving Analyser, both the administrator and driver will get customised tips for how to improve their skills behind the wheel directly into the mobile app. Examples of such tips may be to stick to the speed limit, accelerate less and brake more smoothly. 

It can reduce risk and accidents

Tracking driver behaviour encourages your employees to navigate the roads in a safer manner. This means there is a significantly reduced risk of accidents which in turn will improve your fleet insurance premium and how much you need to pay.

Score allocated each driver

ABAX Driving Behaviour uses the technology in our Triplogs to create an average score based on all company drivers. The key elements deciding the score, where 100 is top, are acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turns right, left and idling. The score will show wherever the driver is below or above the average for your company which makes a great backdrop for gamification in your business. 

Activate ABAX MobiSense to access your company risk score, based on AI insights into driving behaviour.

Do your employees spend time idling?

Last, but not least, the improved Driving Behaviour includes tracking of company idling. The idling fuel consumption allows customers to lower the cost of idling for their fleet. Get the total of idling among your company cars, and see how much you can save on changing a bad habit.  

Sustainability has become top of mind of most consumers and when it comes to idling you can show your customers that your company takes action to lower your emissions.  The idling report allows you to associate idling with a real monetary value - so you know EXACTLY how much each event has cost. 

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