Business Mileage Tracking

Whether you're claiming back business mileage yourself or managing a fleet of mileage claim vehicles, the easy-to-use ABAX mileage claim solution works flawlessly.


Suitable for company car mileage claim, pool cars or grey fleet cars, this feature also applies to company van mileage claim needs, as well as larger trucks. Our business mileage claim offering means all the hard work is done for you, as mileage is calculated automatically - saving both you and your employees time.

Driving behavior

In compliance with HMRC regulations.


User-friendly application for submitting business mileage claims.

Driving behavior

Streamlined administrative tasks.

Real-time tracking

Our vehicle tracking units monitor your mileage in real-time using GPS tracking. This means you can keep an eye on how many miles your drivers are travelling each day and look for more efficient routes to cut back on time and fuel.

Data is accurate

Data is updated in real-time, using GPS tracking, meaning there is no delay and you can see each mile tick over as your driver navigates the road. Data is standardised and ready to be quality checked after each trip, so you can check its accuracy too. This ensures there are no discrepancies when it comes to completing your tax returns and business mileage claims.

HMRC compliant

It’s so important that the data you send to HMRC each year is correct. Our data collection is HMRC compliant and automatically calculated. Paperless records are also stored for up to seven years, which means should HMRC need to look at any old records for an investigation, you will have this ready to present.

You can track driver Auto rate updates HMRC AFRs automatically

HMRC’s advisory fuel rates change regularly and before ABAX’s mileage claim offering this was a challenging process to keep up with. Now, our business mileage claim system features something called Auto rates. This automatically updates after you have set your vehicle and driver fuel rates and calculates the HMRC AFR thresholds for you. You only have to set it up once, then the system does the rest!

Save money

There’s no need to spend billable hours sifting through paperwork, as all mileage records are automatically calculated and compiled to make the process as easy as possible. You can also save money by using your data to find new routes for regular business trips that cut back mileage and therefore fuel use.

Easy to use business mileage claim app

You can manage your entire fleet on the go with the mileage claim app. This can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet, so your fleet is always in the palm of your hand - great if you’re always on the go yourself.

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One-time installation

Whether your fleet is made up of company cars, vans or trucks, you can install our tracking unit just once and leave it to do its job. It will feed into your real-time data and mileage records, as well as monitor driver behaviour and location. Our units are also an excellent tool should one of your vehicles be stolen the GPS location system can track down its location and the authorities can be notified.

How does mileage claim work?


Our units capture the data

- Discreet, easy-to-install hardware is fitted to the driver's car

- Trips are logged automatically and accurately using GPS technology

- All trip information is only visible to the driver


You can manage your fleet’s mileage with ease

- Driver administration time is reduced by an average of 2-hours per month

- Business trips can be managed hassle-free any place any time

- The HMRC compliant mileage claim is submitted from the palm of their hand

Eliminate wasted time pink graphic with lorries and driver data

Administration tasks are made easy

- Records are standardised and ready to be quality checked

- Mileage rates are automatically calculated

- Any unapproved trips can be returned to the driver with comments

- Paperless records are archived up to 7-years ready for a potential HMRC inspection

Ensure compliance pink graphic with document, truck and kilometer data

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