The impact of driver behaviour on vehicle running costs

Do you know what bad driving behaviour costs you and your company annually? Are you interested in lowering your costs quickly and efficiently? ABAX provides brilliant tips on how to minimise maintenance costs, fuel and insurance.

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The impact of driver behaviour on vehicle running costs

Use your energy on 3 main areas

Recently, drivetech.co.uk published a report that shows there`s a direct link between bad driving behaviour and company car costs. This report focuses on 3 main factors; insurance premiums, fuel costs and maintenance costs. In other words: if your company drivers drive effectively - cars and tyres will last longer, fuel costs will be reduced, and your insurance premium gets lowered.

Interested? You`ll achieve all of this and more by using ABAX Driving Behaviour:

  • Reduction of fuel costs, maintenance costs and insurance costs

  • Reducing the risk of accidents through driver coaching and awareness

  • Your company achieves a safer and more environmentally friendly fleet

  • Your company saves money by optimizing logistics and its company car use

  • You`ll see exactly where a bad driving behaviour event occurs on a digital map

If you install ABAX Driving Behaviour in your company cars, you`ll always know how your drivers actually drive. Through the products ABAX Driver ID and RFID you can feel safe that your drivers log in before every trip. You can have an overview on fuel consumption, obtain speed measurements (add-on product) and you`ll even know if the driver often brakes or accelerates abnormally.

Not surprisingly, the report from drivetech.co.uk, concludes that drivers who are heavy on the accelerator frequently will have more accidents, more claims and larger claims. Drivetech know what they are talking about: from 2014-2016, they checked out the behaviour of almost 2,200 cars that belonged to AA. The purpose was to identify specific areas where company AA could save money connected to company cars.

After 2 years, they concluded as follows:

  • Service, maintenance and repair costs (SMR costs) are directly linked to the driving behaviour

  • Drivers who “step on it”, are more likely to end up in collisions

  • AA knew which drivers were driving what cars. They intervened, trained and coached individuals who were in need of it. The results were better driving skills in general, and savings connected to fuel and SMR costs.

Driver behaviour and car tyres reveal interesting statistics

It is estimated that 95% of all collisions happen due to human failure. Some of them happen simply because the driver is not a competent driver. But - research also shows that when experienced drivers are involved in collisions, it is mainly due to driving recklessly and taking chances.

Drivetech.co.uk's survey of 2,200 cars over 2 years concluded that the tyre cost of cautious drivers amount to £ 172 per year. The tyre costs of a company car driven by a reckless driver amount to £ 283 per year – in other words 73% more.

This means that ABAX Driving Behaviour could help you reduce costs significantly in this specific area.

Reduce fuel costs with ABAX Driving Behaviour

ABAX Driving Behaviour gives you a complete overview of fuel costs. But in addition, surveys among our own customers show that they in fact reduce fuel costs.

The reason is simple:

  • Drivers no longer use the cars in a private context

  • Drivers stop braking/flooring the accelerator abnormally

  • Drivers become more aware of logistics and reduce the amount of unnecessary trips

Look out for your brand

It`s not a secret that the highest risk drivers result in being the most expensive ones when it comes to insurance premiums, fuel, maintenance and repair. Not to mention that important “invisible” cost – the fact that your company risk losing its good reputation if branded company cars pose a danger and annoyance in traffic every single day.

The product ABAX Driving Behaviour helps you reduce costs and identify poor drivers at the same time.

When focused on the behaviour of the most inadequate drivers, surveys show that companies can save up to £360 per year, per company car. The greatest savings are linked to fewer small collisions, followed by fuel costs. Surveys also highlighted if Fleet Managers give poor drivers training and coaching, they will in many cases become better-than-average drivers.

The study and report made by drivetech.co.uk concludes that tools such as ABAX Driving Behaviour can reduce the costs associated with company cars. Not only because it gives you accurate numbers and measurements of driver behaviour, but also because it continuously measures efficiency and cost savings leading to more awareness.


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