Benefits of Smart Farming using telematics technology

As the resources, such as land for farming, are limited, then the only way to increase output is to improve operational and production efficiency. To meet this growing demand, farmers and agricultural companies are beginning to utilise Internet of Things and Smart Farming, which seems to be the only way to tackle the demand from a growing population and climate change.

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Benefits of Smart Farming using telematics technology

During the next few decades farming industry will become more important than ever. According to the UN, worlds’ population will surpass 9 billion people by 2050. This increase is likely to trigger food shortages unless new innovations are made. To be able to produce enough food for everyone, agricultural production needs to increase by over 50%. 

Smart Farming most commonly refers to the application of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions in agriculture. Here's how it works.

IoT sensors are automatically collecting different environmental and machine metrics. This data then enables farmers to make better informed decisions and improve their work based on real-time data.

IoT supports food production to be more sustainable by implementing connected devices and innovative technologies into agriculture.

Through smart farming the need for physical work of farmers is decreasing while productivity is increasing. Farmers are able to gain better control, making the work more predictable and efficient.

Increased productivity and decreased seasonal labor costs

In agriculture the amount of land used makes it challenging for farm managers to keep track of all the farm vehicles and tools used as well as knowing where the field workers are.

Through smart farming and GPS tracking, farmers know the real-time status and location of all their vehicles and tools.

You will know the location of each worker and where the machinery was left at the end of each work day.

This data will help you gain control of your business and to make better management decisions.

As the land areas used are often large, it is important to make sure that the employees are being efficient when choosing their routes, as the time spent travelling to different locations might be significant. With the GPS tracking of farming vehicles, you can make sure the employees are using the most effective routes thus cutting the fuel bills.

Through the gained efficiency with real-time tracking, the amount of time used for administrative work can be reduced and less supervision might be needed. This means that workers are able to manage larger areas and your seasonal labor costs can be decreased.

To make access to this data even easier, we launched ABAX Smart Connect - a single online platform where you can view real-time location, usage and alerts from all your machines, vehicles and tools, no matter what brand they are.

Recover lost equipment

Machinery and tools used in farming are often very expensive and are, unfortunately, sometimes a target for criminals.

In its 2020 Rural Crime Report, NFU Mutual revealed that rural crime cost the UK £54m in 2019, an increase of almost 9% on the previous year.

With ABAX solutions you will have a real-time overview of all your valuable tools and vehicles to ensure they are where they are supposed to be at any given time. The GPS tracking may offer an extra layer of protection and safety, lower your insurance premiums and, most importantly, offer you a peace of mind.

You are able to track your equipment regardless of its size and whether it is with or without a power source.

You are even able to apply a Geofence to a specific area. This will allow you to receive a notification if the equipment unexpectedly leaves the area.



Usage of Geofence for different needs such as harvesting, soil cultivation and fertilising

In farming it is important that the employees know which areas should be avoided and which areas are requiring specific treatment such as harvesting.

You can set up a geofence to prioritise specific areas, for example, for fertilizing or harvesting.

On the other hand, you can also set up geofences for areas that should be avoided, this comes in handy when it is time for soil cultivation.

Explore how Smart Mobility lets you do more with less!


Save costs by keeping tools and vehicles running longer

As mentioned earlier, the machinery used in farming is often expensive. Proactive maintenance will prolong the life-cycle of your machinery and save costs when renewing your equipment. 

Through ABAX solutions you will be able to track your machine operational hours and proactively manage any needed maintenance, MOTs, insurance, lease renewals, while reducing the downtime.

Creating preventive maintenance schedules in ABAX software allows you to automate service reminders based on hour or odometer intervals. Farm Managers can receive notifications for upcoming service tasks to ensure repairs are scheduled at an optimal time.

Environmentally-friendly farming through reduced fuel consumption

Once you are able to optimise the use of vehicles, such as tractors and harvesters, you will be able to save not only money by reducing fuel consumption, but also do your bit for the environment by providing more sustainable farming.

What's more, you'll be able to produce quick and easy environmental and emissions reports as part of your SECR legislation compliance.

Extreme weather conditions & lifetime warranty

In argiculture, any devices used are regularly or permanently exposed to conditions such as dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures, wind and even storms.

Many IoT devices are not suitable for such conditions, but ABAX solutions are designed for extreme weather – hot or cold, as well as water-resistance. You name it, we got it. However, if anything would go wrong we will replace the unit for free during your contract period.


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