Get location and usage data from any assets in your mixed fleet

ABAX Smart Connect is a brand neutral solution making maintenance, tracking and usage logging easy. Bring any company assets together in one login without adding extra hardware.

Benefits of ABAX Smart Connect

By simply adding your connected machines to ABAX you no longer have to manage your mixed fleet with multiple systems, apps and user accounts. You can add machines from a long list of OEMs, for easier planning of service and maintenance, detailed monitoring of location, improved utilization and better planning of logistics

  • One login – regardless of brand

  • Joint reporting on entire fleet

  • Full CO2 reporting (including vehicles and machines)

  • Worksite management with geofence

  • Everything in the same map

  • No hardware, no installation and no downtime

Multiple brands - one set of reports

Until now, managing a mixed fleet of connected machines might have meant time spent retrieving data from multiple systems, before manually collating and analysing in a way that meets reporting requirements – a labour-intensive, difficult task. With ABAX Smart Connect, you can easily run reports for an entire fleet of connected assets from various OEMs in a single operation.

  • Environmental report

  • Service and maintenance

  • Usage and utilisation

  • Worksite inventory

  • Location and time in area

  • One set of credentials only

One single APP to monitor your entire fleet

Regardless of the brands that make up your mixed fleet, the ABAX mobile App provides instant access to monitor all data, usage and live location of each asset. This provides total transparency, control – and peace of mind.

Safeguard your entire site

With every one of your assets connected on one system – it’s never been easier to keep your entire fleet safe with site and project geofencing. Increasing your level of control, project or site geofencing allows for the effective safeguarding of every tool, machine and vehicle in one location, while custom notifications alert you immediately, should an item be unexpectedly removed without authorisation.

Monitor the environmental impact of your fleet

The ABAX Environmental Report within ABAX Smart Connect will collate information from the multiple assets, tools, plant and vehicles within your mixed fleet. By monitoring accurate CO2 emissions, users can achieve true transparency when it comes to the green credentials and sustainability initiatives of a project or the entire business

Supported OEMs

The list of supported OEMs are growing rapidly. We are currently supporting instant access with ABAX Smart Connect to the following brands

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